Wall Hanging Photo Frame with Stickers Set

  • Wall hanging photo frame
  • Wall hanging photo frame
  • Wall hanging photo frame
  • Wall hanging photo frame
  • Wall hanging photo frame
  • Set comes with: 10 frames, 10 mini multi-color wooden clips, 2 hemp ropes and 6 to 8 sheets of decorative stickers. Color frames & sticker sheets design may differ to what is in stock.
  • Great way to organize the photos you have laying around. Frames fit 4″ x 6″ photos, fit may be snug.
  • Fun and customizable way to liven up your office or home.
  • Stickers are young and playful and have a variety of styles.
  • Texture of paper varies. Some frames are made of a lightweight cardboard and others are made of heavyweight paper.

Everybody loves them! They are cheap but don’t look it, classy in a paper-frame sort of way. The frames take a little bit to get the hang of as far as picture size (approx. 4×6) vs. visable image area (3.5×5) and coaxing the pictures in; some of them were glued almost shut and had to be gently peeled open to insert the pictures–not child-friendly. But, that said, the end result is festive and unique. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again. (The “cutesy” stickers are very juvenile but I hadn’t intended to use them anyway.) FYI: the frames come in various colors and finishes (navy, brown, white, ochre, pearl, gold, etc. and they vary slightly from set to set so expect multiple sets to be similar but not identical.

Do-it-yourself photo frame set you can decorate it with stickers, decorative paper, cutouts or leave it plain. Wall frame decals and rope with wooden clips.
9.5 Total Score
Perfect for college students, or anyone that loves cute wall decorations.

I wasn't sure at first how I should hang it since I can't really affix anything to wall that would leave holes, but a small bit of washi tape was perfect! the frames are the perfect size, and didn't really obstruct the focal point of my pictures, and actually helped to hide some things that took away from the pictures.The stickers that came with it were too big to really use on it, but were nice none the less. I definitely recommend this product, and am considering buying a second set.

Coolness & Originality
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How long is the string provided?
Two strings of about 8 feet.

Is this a nice set for a dorm room?
It is! They are plain colors without much decoration so it won’t take away from the pictures.

How do you hang this on the wall?
It’s on a string, so you can hang it pretty much anywhere. You can tie it to your bunk bed and it looks really cute, I have colored duct tape so I hung it looking fancy or you could use nails or command strips.

Are these wall hangers and clothespins suitable for polaroid photos too?
They fit best with normal 4×6 pictures. Polaroids might be too small unless two are place side by side in one holder.

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