Closet Space Saver Cascading Hangers

I have so much heavy clothing that I had to replace my plastic cascading hangers with these ones. These are made out of metal and they slide very easily on the rod.

The item was shipped fast. It looks very steady and I managed to hang over 8 pairs of jeans on it. I originally bought it after i read reviews that the plastic version of the product, which is much cheaper, is not sturdy enough. After buying these, I was pleased. For heavy items,jeans, pants coats and the like, the metal hanger is what you need. Great invention, and very practical.

Space is limited in your dorm room closet. Save space with these heavy duty cascading hangers. Each purchase comes with 2 sets.
9.5 Total Score
Needed Something Durable

This cascade hanger is great for college students, like myself. It saves a lot of space in small dorm wardrobes and is very durable for weight (like seriously, these things could easily hold my body weight), so no worries about clothes weighing them down and breaking it.

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There are some issues though: It is true that the hooks do not fit standard closet rods. However, taking a pair of pliers, I made the hook wide enough to fit the rod in my closet. Problem solved. They do help make space in the closet. I’ve used 4 hangers so far out of the 8 I ordered, and have already seen the space difference. Some reviewers state that the hangers create a bulk effect at the bottom. I noticed that this happens if you have bulky items at the bottom of the cascade. I balanced out the hangers with thin items at the bottom and the bulky items at the top to eliminate that triangular bulk effect. It really depends, too, on how bulky the hangers are that you are using. With a little thought and manipulation, this product works as it’s supposed to and maximizes the space in your closet. My only wish is that the hangers would hold the clothes up higher as opposed to having a large space between the rod and the first clothes hanger. This product serves the purpose I was looking for.

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