Huge Laundry Bag with Drawstring and Shoulder Strap

  • Laundry Bag with Drawstring
  • Laundry Bag with Drawstring
  • Laundry Bag with Drawstring
  • Laundry Bag with Drawstring
  • Laundry Bag with DrawstringHUGE: This laundry bag can handle massive load of laundry due to the whole large size 39 x 28 “, now you can fit all your dirty clothes in one bag and when its all done you simply fold the washing bag and put it away if require more space, you could also hang it up or lay it in a basket!
  • DURABILITY: Wajt Najt’s Laundry bag is made out of reused polyester to reduce the carbon produced from creating it from scratch, there is also a reinforced shoulder strap along with drawstrings to make sure your clean cloths comes home safely and does not fall to the ground.

Wajt Najt’s laundry bag is made out of re-cycled polyester to prevent any wet spots to appear outside the bag after washing your clothes, the drawstring helps to keep everything in check and the shoulder strap helps you to keep mobility as you have the freedom to put the weight on any shoulder.

– Holds 15 pounds!
– 28 x 39 inches to ensure all clothes fit
– Use it for travels
– Hang it up on the wall
– Decorate your room and hide the clothes
– Perfect for college
– Perfect for men and women
– Go to the laundromat with ease and comfort

Huge laundry bag with drawstring and lock and shoulder strap, perfect for college dorms. Fold it up when not in use, or hang in in a basket.
10 Total Score
This laundry bag is huge!

This is a must for anyone going off to college. The rooms are so small that there is no room for bulky laundry hampers. then on top of it a basket to carry laundry in. This is the answer.

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Laundry Bag with DrawstringWow this laundry bag can literally fit my entire wardrobe into it if I wanted it to, probably with more room to spare…and I have a large wardrobe. Point being, this bag is HUGE. I opened the package up and actually was wondering when I was going to finish unfolding it because it was never ending. This seriously made going to the laundromat a lot easier since I did not have to carry multiple uncomfortable baskets around with me. I just loaded my entire families dirty laundry up into this bag and done. The shoulder strap is really convenient and comfortable. Even with a lot of laundry in it I was still able to carry very easily and had no strain on my shoulders or back.
The cute message on the bag is a nice bonus, I definitely chuckled when I read it and I got a few smiles from other people at the laundromat. The drawstring is nice and handy as well. I don’t think I have ever been so excited over a laundry bag until now, I just really LOVE it!

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