Bedside Footlocker Storage Trunk

  • Trunk College Dorm Storage Footlocker
  • Trunk College Dorm Storage Footlocker
  • Trunk College Dorm Storage Footlocker
  • Trunk College Dorm Storage Footlocker
  • Trunk College Dorm Storage Footlocker

Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple

100% Hard Wood
12.25″ wide
Heavy gauge vinyl covering
Durable wooden construction
Nickel hardware
Easy open push button key lock
30-Inch x 15.75-Inch x 12.25-Inch
Made in USA

Collegiate 30″ footlocker is made of finished vinyl with a handle and banded edges. Heavy gauge vinyl. High impact styrene binding. Easy open push button key lock. Dust & moisture resistant tongue & groove closure. 1 plastic handle. Nickel plated hardware . Wooden construction.

If you’re expecting something like the proper wood and leather footlockers of old, this isn’t it. It’s press board with a layer of vinyl over it, of course it’s not as sturdy! I’ve sat on it before though (sorta gingerly) and I weigh 250lbs so your mileage may vary on that. I’ve also packed it full of heavy things like books and used it in place of a moving box but it does creak rather alarmingly if you carry it with more than 50lbs in it. After several moves, it is a little beat up on the inside but still looks decent enough on the outside that I’ve been using it as a bedside table. Honestly I looked it up on amazon just to see if I got their money’s worth before I turn it into an oversize planter for herbs and I’d have to say I did!

Perfect for your college dorm room. This Bedside footlocker storage trunk is about 30 inches wide and secure. Made from wood, it comes in many colors.
7 Total Score
Perfect for a college student's first year

It seems well-made, though I'm surprised by the lack of side handles. Also, note that it is smaller by 2 inches than the standard trunks from the major camp trunk sources, so their add-on organizers don't fit. Think it'll be a long-lasting piece of equipment, though.

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Nice footlocker. Roomy and a very nice color. But, it’s not quite as sturdy as I would have liked. It’s great for college, which is why I bought it. The top sometimes takes a bit of wiggling to get it closed properly but it seems to seal well once closed.

Is the outside smooth wood, or is it covered with felt?

The dimensions are listed as 30 x 15.75 x 12.25 – is 12.25 the height or the depth?
The length is 30″. The vertical height is 12.25″. The width from front to back is 15.75″.

Does it comes with a key?
Yes, but I bought  a word combination lock because the keys are very thin and might break.

Is it real wood or pressed board?
Inside it looks like pressed wood.

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  1. Avatar Johan Thomas August 7, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    Despite not being hardwood the trunk has a good design and will get the job done.

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