Peel off Dry Erase Wall Calendar with Extras

  • Dry Erase Wall Calendar
  • Dry Erase Wall Calendar
  • Dry Erase Wall Calendar
  • Bonus: Speech Bubbles peel off

I love this wall calendar because its erasable and includes various sized bubbles for jotting down extra notes. This does include one dry erase market, but no eraser, although you can just use a old sock or tissue to wipe it clean. I tested this out in several locations in my dorm, and it removed fine each time without leaving any sticky residue.

From the comments on Amazon, many think this is much larger, but its clearly stated on the site that its 16x9inches. If you’re looking to keep your schedules and deadlines in order and also a way to keep other notes for your roommates, such as grocery lists or whatever, this is perfect.

Some complaints though would be that as you wipe the marker clean off the calendar is that it pushes the remnants off to the side onto the wall.. Well there’s nothing you can really do but improve your wiping technique. If you lift the cloth as you near the edge, you won’t have this happen to you.

Keep your schedule, deadlines, and agenda up to date with this dry erase peel off wall calendar. After you're done you can remove without damaging your walls.
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It's pretty good for the price, but beware because it's not as big as pictured. It is 16 inches in width and 9 inches in height. It's nice though that it comes with extra "speech bubbles" for extra notes among your roommates.

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Manufacturer Info:

  • Vinyl
  • Made in USA
  • Comes with 7 wall decals – calendar size – 16″ wide x 9″ high – bubbles vary in size
  • Easy to apply – just peel and stick!
  • Applies to any smooth surface
  • Removable and repositionable with no sticky residue
  • Peel & stick product made in the USA

Plan out your month with the help of our dry erase calendar set! This package includes everything you need to keep your schedule right on your walls: a mini dry erase calendar, six additional dry erase thought or speech “bubbles”… and a marker, of course! Each element is completely removable and repositionable, and will never damage your walls or leave behind any sticky residue. It’s never been easier to plan than with this calendar! This no-nails, no-fuss solution is perfect for students, parents, teachers, office workers, and more!

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