3M Removable No Damage Wall Hooks

  • 3M Removable No Damage Wall Hooks - 6 pack
  • 3M Removable No Damage Wall Hooks
  • Easy to apply
  • Place adhesive & slide on
  • No Damage Adhesive
  • Hang Anything, Heavy duty
  • Hang Anything!

3M Removable No Damage Wall HooksUniversities are very strict about how you treat their dorm rooms. You have many things you want to hang to give your room individuality but you don’t want to damage the wall and face move-out charges. These affordable 3M wall hooks are great because they are removable, sturdy, and leave no sticky residue.

The standard pack comes with 6 hooks and 12 adhesive strips. It’s recommended that you apply on a clean smooth surface. We used rubbing alcohol to clean before applying. It doesn’t work that well with textured walls, and it also has the problem of slipping off if the humidity is high.

We suggest that you confirm your wall surface before purchasing, but these do work great on doors and you’re not going over the suggested weight of 3lbs.

Removable Wall hooks come 6 in a pack with 12 damage free adhesive strips; Perfect for hanging hats, wires, jewelry, and more; Works on a variety of surfaces.
9 Total Score
Holds strongly and removes cleanly

Wall hooks by 3M come 6 in a pack but are available in 2, 4, 12, and 50 packs as well. Doesn't leave stick residue and easy to install. Can hold a good amount of weight. The perfect solution for dorm rooms.

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3M Removable No Damage Wall HooksHow do they do on picture frames with glass in them?
These aren’t recommended for hanging picture frames. I would

Can they be used on a door?
Yes! That is why I bought them. I put them on the back of my bedroom door to hang cloths on them. I bought an over the door cloths rack for the front of the door to hang my blouses and the hooks for my pants. It is easier for me that they are on my door to reach. I also hung some on the inside of my wooden bathroom closet door, to put towels or hangers on, and I have one on the window on my outside door with a wreath on it.

How tall are the individual hooks?
3 in. tall, 1 in. wide // the actual hook part is about 3/4 in. in height and in how much it juts out from the hook base.

Does it work on wallpaper?
Will not work with wallpaper, or freshly painted walls, might fall off depending on weight. Supports up to 3lbs according to the manufacturer.

Can these be used outdoors on PVC fenced will it hold up during rain?
These can handle humidity, however, I am not certain if they are water resistant. They will definitely adhere to PVC, just not sure how many torrential rains they can handle.

3M Removable No Damage Wall HooksCould these be used to run Ethernet cable across the ceiling?
On the ceiling? Probably not, because the hook doesn’t have sufficient curvature to hold something from straight above? ALONG the ceiling? Yes, I think so, but Command sells smaller hooks designed for managing cables, so you might want to look at those instead. Take a look at “Command Small Cord Clips”

Do they stick well to brick and concrete?
Though I’ve never tried on brick/concrete… I find they only stick well to very smooth surfaces.

Can the mediums hold a 3/4″ wooden dowel rod? I’m planning on using them for lightweight curtain rails and need to know the inside width of the hook.
I don’t believe so. I am using a couple of the medium with a 5/8″ rod and it will not totally seat in the curve, but serves my purpose. It looks like a 1/2″ would be the largest to totally seat in hook.

Will they stick to “dry wall?”

Do these in any way damage washable paint?
I have had zero problems in the other 6 in which I have lived.

How much do they actually hold?
It should hold up to 3 lbs.

Will these work on the fiberglass shower wall?
I think the heat and humidity my cause the sticky backs to weaken and not hold.

Manufacturer Information:

  • Separate backing strip adheres firmly to flat surfaces, yet removes cleanly.
  • Affordable way to decorate and organize your home, school and office
  • No surface damage.
  • Value Pack 6 Medium Adhesive Hooks.
  • 6 hooks and 12 strips for damage-free hanging
  • Hooks hold up to 3 pounds
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Removes cleanly, no holes, marks, sticky residue, or stain
  • Works on a variety of surfaces, paint, wood, tile and more

Command Medium Hooks, White

Damage-Free Hanging Solution

Forget about nails, screws, tacks or messy adhesives, Command Hooks are fast and easy to hang! Command Products provide an easy, affordable way to decorate and organize your home, school and office. Command Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight – up to seven and a half pounds! The revolutionary Command Adhesive holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. Yet, removes cleanly – no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Rehanging hooks is as easy as applying a Refill Strip, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again!

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