Rapid Ramen Cooker: Every College Student’s Cooking Essential

Ramen and college go together like Mac & cheese. If you’re buying ramen by the cup then you would be surprised to know that it’s cheaper if you buy it buy the brick…I’m talking about ramen! :P But it’s understandable why you get it by the cup… because its easier to cook in your microwave than placing a brick in boiling water over the stove. This why the Rapid Ramen cooker is perfect for your ramen needs.

Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Ramen Cooker

The Rapid Ramen cooker is made out of microwave safe materials and is available in 2 colors (red & black). It’s great because you can eat right out of the container (it does not get hot!), but even better because you don’t need to measure any water, just fill it to the line and microwave heat for 3 to 4 minutes. I personally like this because the ramen comes out perfect EVERY SINGLE TIME. Do yourself a favor, its under $10.


  • As seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Rapid Ramen Cooker world’s fastest, easiest and healthiest way to cook ramen noodles.
  • Heat and eat right out the cooker
  • reusable
  • and dishwasher safe. Manufacturer Warranty Limited to 1 year.


Rapid Ramen CookerQuestion: Not sure why this does not have a lid, would the noodles not cook better? For that I’m out.
Answer: A lid is not necessary because ramen cooks by being absorbing hot water. A lid is only useful if it’s cooked by steaming. A lid doesn’t help the water boil any faster in that 4 minutes, and it doesn’t speed up absorption. For the same reason, no one puts a lid on the pot when cooking ramen on the stove.

Question: Does this do something special? It only takes 5 minutes to cook ramen in the microwave in any dish.
Answer: It really just makes it easier and you can use only half the seasoning packet. Less mess, easy clean up and you wont burn yourself taking it out of the microwave.

Question: Do you put 1 cup of cold water with la noodles to the microwave? Or do you need to put warm / hot water?
Answer: I always use cold water out of the tap

Question: Is it possible to drink the liquid in this style with the handles? another brand doesnt have handles. do the handles keep it cool to pick up?
Answer: Yes you can carefully drink the juice from the corner. I have done this every time I’ve eaten with the bowl and haven’t had an accident yet. The handles don’t get hot when heated in the microwave so yes they are cool enough to pick up.

Question: Will this fit the larger ramen from Korea?
Answer: The Rapid Ramen Cooker is specifically designed to fit the standard ramen blocks, but if you break up larger ramen blocks, it will still cook them.

Question: What if you add an egg to the ramen during the cooking process?
Answer: Still cook for 4 minutes

Question: Can you use it for ramen or instant rice and Mac and cheese
Answer: Yes use for Ramen Noodles and other foods… Easy to cook within 5 minutes…. Enjoy! :)

Rapid Ramen Cooker


Check out the inventor of Rapid Ramen Cooker below:

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