Five Star Notebook Review

Surprisingly we haven’t suggested college ruled notebooks, but here it is. One Five Star 6-pack is perfect per semester.

Five Star Notebook

Five Star Notebook

Each Five Star branded notebook comes with 100 pages of writing paper. That’s 600 pages of note taking per semester. It also is packed with an assortment of colors to help you quickly identify which notebook is for which specific course… at least that’s how I used them. Another few things I should mention, it has the ability to tear our pages because they are perforated and you can put these notebooks into any three ringed binder because they come pre punched with holes. Lastly there’s reinforced pocket storage for loose sheets, they really did think of everything. You can buy the 6 pack for around $17 or less than 3 cents a page.


Brand Name Five Star
Item Weight 6 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.6 x 3.6 x 10.8 inches
Item model number 38052
Color Basic Colors
Number of Items 1
Size 6 Pack
Manufacturer Part Number 38052


Question: Does each 6 pack contain notebooks in each of the 6 colors?
Answer: Yes. One red, blue, black, white, green and purple

Question: Are the notebooks stiff or flimsy and/or floppy? I do a lot of writing away from a desk or flat surface.
Answer: They fall under the category of sturdy, without that meaning that the covers are stiff enough to provide a hard base, but like most notebooks they can be used on the go when needed. Best of everything!

Question: Can i select the colors?
Answer: Colors are randomly picked

Question: Is the cover paper or plastic?
Answer: It’s a hard plastic cover.

Question: Is the notebook feel heavy? What is the approximately weight for each notebook? Because my son will have a heavy backpack. Thank you!!
Answer: Hi, These notebooks have a heavy feel to them, but it is only because of the high quality material they are made of. These are very durable notebooks, and I have always preferred them over any other sorts. Hope this helps.

Question: Do these notebooks have dark lines?
Answer: Just the normal thin blue lines.

Check out this durability test below:

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