The Wake-up Light A College Student Needs

If you don’t have the pleasure of waking to the light of the sun on your face every morning or know how pleasant it can be to wake to slowly rising light instead of a blaring alarm, the Philips Wake-Up Light is for you.

1. Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White

The Philips Wake-Up Light provides a pleasant, natural way to start your morning. Featuring a colored sunrise simulation and 20 brightness settings, the light gradually increases between 20 to 40 minutes prior to your alarm time.

Features and Specifications

  • Philips’ #1 best-selling Wake-up Light; Only Philips Wake-up Lights clinically proven to work
  • Colored sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with natural light
  • Choice of 5 natural and calming wake-up sounds
  • FM radio and a tap-to-snooze alarm clock
  • Bedside light dims and sound gently send you off to sleep at night
  • Coloured sunrise simulation wakes you naturally
  • Dimming light and sound gently send you off to sleep
  • Choice of 5 different natural wake up sounds


Anyone who has a hard time getting up at the break of dawn will definitely benefit from having this alarm. The simulated sunrise feels so real. It really helps me out because if I wake up in the dark, i could just go back to bed. With the light on, it is hard for me to go back to sleep. Setting up the times was not difficult, just had to follow the instruction Manual. Definitely would recommend this for you if you are not a morning person. You well never fall asleep ever again.

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