Great Way To Keep Cables From Messing Up Your Dorm

Tangled cords have you frustrated all day long? Then here is your solution.

1. Quirky Plug Hub Under Desk Power Cord Management Station

Keep your cords clean and concealed with Plug Hub, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit.

Features and Specifications

  • Three openings on the top of the unit direct your cords neatly to your power strip.
  • Three integrated cord anchors let you wrap up and hide longer cords.
  • Sit Plug Hub on its rubber bottom or on its back, or mount it to a wall.
  • Made from rigid plastic with a rubber “foot” on the bottom.


I can’t even remember the last time my cords in such an orderly manner. The unit is made of metal, just like the picture displays it as. It can be mounted almost anywhere for convenience. Really easy to set up, might not even need to read the instruction. It also keeps my cables dust free. Definitely would recommend it if cables are going left to right all over the place.

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