Stylish Faux Wood Fireplace Portable Electric Heater


Model: Octavia
Voltage: 120V AC
Frequency: 60Hz
Color: red, black, white
Dimensions: 12” L X 7” W X 14.7” H.
PuraFlame Octavia freestanding mini fireplace heater

Free standing portable electric heater with a fire stove look. Comes in 3 colors and can be easily moved from room to room, it also can be used in cottage, trailer, home or anywhere you choose to plug it in.
10 Total Score
Beautiful and heats well

I have compared it to other electric fireplaces that claim to heat up to 400 SF and found this one much better in terms of warmth. The thermostat is also a great feature as it can really heat up the space. Enjoy the fire effect very much. Good design. Light weight enough you can move it around the house.

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Is the case plastic or metal?
Answer: Plastic.

Can you best describe how loud it is?
Answer: There is a soft humming noise which I honestly find relaxing, this it is not loud at all.

Does the flame look real or really fake?
Answer: We have a gas burning fireplace and the electric stove looks better, but smaller of course

Is there a pastic or chemical smell?
Answer: Neither.

Does it only operate at 1500 watts? Does it have a lower setting?
Answer: It does have two settings and it works very well.

Can I directly put it on the carpet? Is it safe?
Answer: I keep mine on the carpet, works great. Body of unit does not get hot.

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