19 Memorable and Forgettable Moments For A New College Student

Most college students agree that some things from college are better forgotten but some are very memorable. These are some of both.

19 Memorable and Forgettable Moments For A New College Student


1.) Walking around the city at night finding new places and familiarizing myself with it more.

2.) TLDR: Went to frats to party, it got busted, the second party was dope but expensive, ended up with my friends in Chinatown and later walking back describing hypothermia to them.

One Friday night, a bunch of friends and I decided to go the the frats to party. Right when we got there, a lady screaming from an apartment nearby said she would call the cops (who were nearby already) on a noise complaint and I didn’t want to deal with it so I chilled in a park for a bit. Afterwards, I circled around to see if things were still live where I met some of my friends who said the first party got busted, but the one I was outside of was pretty lit, but the cover was $20 so I decided to go back to res. I bought some hot chocolate thinking my night was over and chilled in our common room until one of my other friends who bailed after the first party got busted texted me to head to Chinatown (this was at midnight) because him and some others were eating there, so after making the trek there we chilled, and walking back to residence with my two friends who weren’t used to the cold, I explained hypothermia to one of my friends who laughed in disbelief as we ourselves were shivering in the cold.

3.) TLDR: Partying with my neighbors late at night and not getting stopped by our RA because my neighbor and RA were football players.

As you’ll see in forgettable I live in a double room that used to be a single room and my neighbors and the person across from me all have single rooms. That being said, chilling in their rooms were pretty cool. Whether it was just hanging with one of my friends from my frosh group who was my neighbor to hanging in the rooms of my football player friends late at night and being a little bit boisterous but not getting busted by our RA who was also a football player who instead joined us for a bit before telling us to quiet down just a notch, it was cool having a place next door to chill if you needed a study break or needed some more space.

4.) TLDR: Wearing PJs to a midterm, finding out that people weren’t used to seeing that, getting an A on the midterm.

During my second midterm, I showed up to class in my plaid pajama pants and a sweatshirt and wrote it. Right before our next tutorial began, one of my friends said he saw me and couldn’t stop laughing. I asked why and he said, “I thought people only did that in movies, but you… you actually did that!” It turns out that I got an A on the midterm for a tough 2nd year course, so now they’ve become my lucky pajamas that I wear during midterms. I do get fascinated stares as I walk to class or chill on campus in them though. (Oh, and I wash them after I wear them out in public places).

5.) TLDR: Skating with my floor, falling a lot because of a broken skate, skating better with a fixed one, falling hard at the end, and enjoying $200 worth of food as a floor)

We as a floor had a party before exams and winter break where we went skating. Me, not having skated since I skated once in 2nd grade promptly fell trying to skate when I hit the ice. One of my friends played hockey tried to help me, but I somehow fell again and brought him down with me making my right arm very sore. I asked him if he was okay and he said, “Yeah I’m good, but my face was so close to your blade”. After skating a bit more near the boards, my RA told me to lift my skate, he found that my skate was broken. I took the opportunity to go “Ha! That’s the reason I’m so bad at skating.” After I got new skates, I improved gradually to the point where when it was time to head back, I confidently skated from board to board. I almost succeeded until I tried to avoid people skating around the boards. I took a hard fall and had the air knocked out of me. Very fun experience but if you go skating lean forwards. After that, we headed back to the common room to $200 food that we ordered (pizza, wings, desert) and devoured it really quickly as we were watching football.

6.) I remember guys playing legit baseball, real bats real balls, in the hall.

7.) I remember this guy in the next room over putting lube on all the doorknobs.

8.) I vaguely remember doing dabs for the first time with someone who i thought was the hottest girl in the world, and i was so high she was coming onto me and i was like ‘can i get a rain check on this whole sex thing please cause i cant move my arms.’

9.) I remember getting burgers at 3 am 4 nights in a row during midterms.

10.) I miss the late night [insert food place] runs that I had with my friends many nights.

11.) Being really depressed that my girlfriend had left me a month before and that all my friends from high school had gone away to different schools. I wasn’t handling the post high school life well at all. Easily the worst period of my life.

12.) Having way more free time than was wanted. I had 3 really easy classes that term that ended up giving me more free time than I ever had in high school. The problem was, I had nothing to do with all of that free time, so I would just come home and sit around the house feeling shitty.

13.) I started walking a forest path by my house to kill time. That was the start of me working out.


14.) Probably all the school work (readings and papers) that caused nights with little to no sleep desperately trying to beat the deadline.

15.) The fact that as the semester wore on my roommate’s sleep schedule got weirder and weirder, he kept talking to his Chinese friends in the room louder and louder, and he never leaves our small single-turned double room not even for some lectures because he sleeps through them.

16.) The cafeteria food which got worse and worse as the semester wore on until people including RAs got food poisoning, and some of them had to go to the hospital. It got so bad that the RAs met with the cafeteria who promised to make it better, but didn’t follow through so they arranged a second meeting, and although the food got better, it didn’t get better by too much. Even the RAs said that out of their years at the university, this was the worst.

17.) Studying my ass off for Economics only to barely pass after the curve.

18.) My exam grades that I’ll probably receive after I come back from break cringes.

19.) Pretty much everything. My first term of college was terrible. I would never want to repeat it.

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