Productivity Apps Every College Student Should Use

Make managing your college classes, social events, studies, health care and more, efficient with these productivity apps that every college student should know about.

Productivity Apps For College Students

1.) Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

You’re going to be access these three office programs a lot on your desktop or laptop computer so if you don’t have these apps on your phone, you are doing yourself a disservice. Sometimes you will need to make quick edits or when your professor emails you assignments, you will want to be able to check these while away from your computer. Get it now. Word/Excel/Powerpoint for Android | Word/Excel/Powerpoint for iPhone

2.) Cloud Print

This is really useful. You can be sitting in class and send a document over to your printer to print. Its also fun to send printed notes to your roommate while you’re away. Android | iPhone

3.) Graphing Calculator

Why pay another $90-$150 for a graphing calculator when you can just use your phone? Android has several options for graphing calculators and so does iPhone. We suggest Wabbitemu for Android and GraphNCalc83 for iPhone. Both of them are inspired by the TI-83 calculator which is the most popular one. Android | iPhone

4.) Skype

You should already have this, but if you don’t then this is a great app to have meetings with your classmates or professors. Skype has the ability to do conference calls and makes adding multiple people to the call a breeze. Get it now! Android | iPhone

5.) ManApp

ManApp is a motivational habit forming app. It works by having the user input their goals, and uses motivational quotes, reminders and cognitive behavioral therapy to keep the user accountable. Unfortunately the app is only available for Android.

6.) Trello

Trello is another great productivity app where you can post notes, create to do lists, tasks, and more. You can also share with other users which can make it easy to collaborate on class assignments or plan a party. The user interface is intuitive so right from the start its easy to use. Android | iPhone

7.) Google Drive

Google drive is great because you can share large files and give access to other users to view, edit or download. Because the files are on the cloud you can access it from any device which means your files are on demand at anytime you need them. Android | iPhone

8.) LastPass

Managing passwords are a hassle. That’s why most people only have one password for all their accounts, which make it easy to hack. Can you imagine if a hacker had access to your password and you have to change passwords on 50 different websites? Well with LassPass you won’t have to worry about that anymore. LassPass generates random passwords and encrypts them and create a single login for you so you don’t have to remember them. Android | iPhone

9.) Swiftkey Keyboard

You’re nuts still using the stock keyboard on your smartphone! Swiftkey Keyboard is the way to go. Say goodbye to typos forever. The keyboard gets even more accurate over the time that you use it. it’s also very customizable. Save time with this productivity keyboard app. Android | iPhone


Increase your productivity with this to do list app. You can drop in files like pics, it has speech recognition, you can share with others and more. The clean interface means its a no nonsense app. Android | iPhone

11.) Gmail

If you don’t use the Gmail app, you’re missing out. With the Gmail app you can combine your email boxes, have one of the best searches and get real time updates to your inbox. Gmail has automatic spam block and warns you when an email is suspicious. Never miss an email again. Android | iPhone

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