How to Get Invited to College Parties

Are you getting invited to college parties? Its important¬†because college parties are a great way to get to know your classmates outside of class. If you’re coming back to class after the weekend and hearing about all these awesome college parties but not getting invited to them, then we’re here to help you my friend!

This is how you get invited to college parties:

1.) Make others feel good about themselves

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. People like to be around other people who make them feel good. So when around people probe into their lives. Think of a dog.. dogs get excited around people.. be the dog. Just imagine the enthusiasm a dog has around people and emulate that! In turn, party goers will invite you to parties because they want to be around that. It makes them feel good.

3.) Love to drink

If you can slam a 40 in a gulp, people want to be around that at parties.. do it in front of them and you will forever be invited.

4.) Talk about other parties in class

Make other students think that you are a party professional by talking about other parties which they never went to. They will think that if they invite you to theirs, then you will invite them to your CRAZY parties!

5.) Invite party goers to your party events or to go drinking

Start throwing events at the college bar, and invite others to join you.. They will eventually invite you to theirs.

6.) Just show up

You’re all adults and it’s rare when people are assholes.. Shame them if they don’t let you stay.

After you get invited, this is what to expect from college parties:

Go your own tips? Post them below.

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