The BEST Gadget Backpacks

What’s going on everyone? I’m going to recommend you some geekiest backpacks that would be really handy for travelling. We’re going to break this down into a few categories and we’re going to first start off with the heavy hitters. These are the gadget backpacks that you want to fill to the brim, like I always do, and bring all your tech with you. But then, were going to move on to the travel friendly backpack which is going to be good for a day trip. Maybe you want to bring some tech along with you, but you don’t want a big heavy backpack weighing you down. This is going to be the backpack for you. We’re also going to take a look on all-rounder which has a couple of compartments for tech, as well as a large enough space to carry anything else you might want to bring with you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
  1. Ogio Bandit 17 

best gadget tech backpacksSo, were going to start off with the heavy hitters. We’re going to start if off with this oldie but goodie; and this is the Ogio Bandit 17. This is my category. I love to bring around a ton of tech and you guys know it now. I love because it has tons of compartments and I literally mean tons; and what’s great about them, is that they’re labeled so you know exactly where to put all your tech; so, if you need to find a spot for your portable charger – you go and look and for the label that has it. So, this is one of my favorites because it just has some awesome durability, great size, tons of compartments, looks good and it’s super functional. This one retails for about 70 bucks. The price varies, but you usually find it in a 70 dollar range.

  1. Amazon Basics 

best gadget tech backpacksNow, if you hear 70 and think that’s way too much money, we’ve got this Amazon Basics backpack over here. Now, this one is for 30 bucks – I think $29.99. Now, the difference here is that this is not as stylish as the Bandit 17, but it definitely gets the job done as well. It has tons of compartments so you can fit lot of stuff and it’s pretty flexible. This is a pretty large bag, so if you want to stuff a lot in here, that won’t be a problem. The thing I really like about the Amazon backpack is that while it has tons of tiny compartments for things like flash drives, pens, and all kinds of little gadgets, it also has spacious compartments. So, if compartments are what you’re looking for and a budget price; the Amazon Basics backpack is definitely something you want to look into. This thing will carry the entire tech you need for sure. Additional feature is it has huge slots for water bottles too. Something a lot of you are interested in. I know that.

  1. Incase Icon 

best gadget tech backpacksIf you’re looking for something a bit more stylish than the above two, and you got a little bit of money to spare, you would definitely like to take a look at the Incase Icon backpack. This is the most recent version of my gadget backpack and it’s currently my favorite, favorite one; and you can actually get them in multiple colors so you don’t have to go with this blue or typical black – you can get like silver, reds, all kinds of different colors which makes it very nice. And a cool little thing about it is that it can stand on its own with no problem, but even better is that this thing has so many storage compartments, including good storage space on the sides.

So, you will never run out of space with this at all. Now, if you’re wondering about the price of the Incase backpack, I think it typically retails for 200.

  1. Tigernu 

best gadget tech backpacksWe’re going to talk about our everyday backpacks, and they are both from Tigernu. So, we’ve got some standard stuff in the front and up top and we’ve got a few pockets to put in all kinds of stuff we need; and what I really like about this one, is that it got a nice, soft material feels like a cloth like material. On the back side you’ve got spots for portable chargers, phones, books, tablets. Forgot to highlight that the backpacks mentioned in this post, I think they can all fit 15 inches laptops or less.

  1. Tigernu (waterproof) 

best gadget tech backpacksNow, its counterpart is actually waterproof. The first difference you’ll notice is that it is has huge compartments as well as small ones. There is more padding in this one so if you’re worried about your laptop hitting the floor when you put your book back down or something, this should give you a little bit more protection and more comfort overall.

But either way, these are both very lightweight, solid backpacks that don’t take up a lot of space, aren’t too huge and can still carry a good amount of tech without looking overdone. Travel backpacks for just someone on the go, making day trips, who wants to bring around their stuff.

  1. Sinpaid/Koolerpek 

best gadget tech backpacksSo, this one is our all-rounder backpack. It has Sinpaid branding all over it, but on Amazon, it’s called Koolerpek or something like that. Either way, this is the backpack and I’m calling it the all-rounder because this thing is kind of big. Now, what’s great about this is that, it has some spots for your tech. So, you can easily put your standard stuff in the front. It actually has a spot for your tablet too. Again like other laptops, it has huge compartments that can carry most of your stuff.  You can use this backpack for school, or take it to a friend’s place later. You can bring along gear, tech gear, clothing, all kinds of stuff. I don’t think they’re limited to anything with the way this thing is shaped. It’s also waterproof so if you are traveling to someone’s spot, you don’t want to get your clothes wet, you don’t want to get your gear wet, this is going to protect it. This gives you a ton of flexibility while still giving some attention to those tech items that you might want to bring with you.

I can definitely see this for a student athlete or someone who likes to go to the gym. You can bring around huge water bottles because of the big size.  I just think this is a great all-rounder backpack for those of you who like to bring around some tech, but also want to bring around other things. You don’t want to be like me who only carries tech in his backpack and nothing else.

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