The Only Survival First Aid Kit You Will Need [2022+ Edition]

When you or someone else needs medical assistance, know that this survival first aid kit could end up saving a life. It has everything you need in a small compact water resistant bag.

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Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

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In this review we’re gonna be talking about a first aid kit from Surviveware. But, before I go into that, I wanna just let you know a little about my background.

I’m an active-duty military. But not all everybody knows, and I’m also in the Red Cross and I’m CPR Certified. So, that isn’t to say that the Red Cross or the military officially endorses this product but it is something that I draw on my experience in my training, what I drawn to kind of make the recommendation that I’m gonna make in this review, about purchasing this first aid kit.

And another reason, other than just having that experience as well as the knowledge of how often situations arrive, arise, when you need a first aid kit or where you need to administer CPR, but also actually been in those situations myself and I’ve seen people who needs CPR. I’ve had to assist with that and I know the helplessness that you feel when you are in that kind of situation.

If you don’t have the tools that you need to help that person, it’s gonna be even worse, when it’s someone that you love, or if it is yourself needing that immediate assistance. So, keep that thing, keep that in your mind, whenever you think about, should I purchase a first aid kit, well, it could end up saving your life.

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Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Labelled Compartments for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car and Cycling.

And while there are some first aid kits that are like $100, there are also budget friendly ones that are kind of cranky the items that are inside it. The reason why I like this product, and while I’m doing review on this one, because, I don’t do a lot of reviews on first aid kits as you may know.

The reason I like this one is because it combines good quality with affordability and if you guys check out the link in the description box down below, you’ll be able to purchase this for around $35. The price may increase as the demand goes up, so, just kind of keep that in mind as well. It has high ratings on Amazon and you’re about to see why here in a second. But, just gonna keep those things in your mind as I review with this first aid kit.

A lot of preppers, we think about having survival kits, bug out bags, all of these fun things, but when in reality, what you’re probably going to reach for in a worst case scenario, when you need it the most, is a portable small first aid kit that has key items that are necessary to save somebody’s life.

So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into the Surviveware first aid kit. Okay, so let’s go ahead and dive into this first aid kit. One of the first things that you’ll notice is of course, the bag itself. It’s nice and bright and red, it says first aid on it. It’s easy to identify. It’s made out of good quality materials, made of 600 dernier polyester and on the back, you guys can see, that it has a versatile carrying system. So it’s got, you know, the vertical and horizontal straps you need.

There’s a lot of different carrying options not only can you put this on you backpack or carry it on your belt, but you can also kind of put this on a headrest in your vehicle or however it is that you want to secure this and tote it around. Also, has a handle on top and good quality zippers. You got frame zippers as well. Two zippers for the main compartment and so that’s pretty much everything on the outside. I’ll loop up here as well, if you want to hang this from somewhere.

Let’s cover the outside pocket first. The only thing in here, and you can always add things in you first aid kit, and I’ll give you some of my recommendations here in a minute, but if you have personal medication for yourself or someone that you know kind of care for, you are gonna want to put this in your first aid kit for obvious reasons. You can also put aspirin in here too, to kind of help if there’s a heart attack or whatnot.

So, that is the outside of the bag. Let’s go ahead and check out the main compartment. Okay, so with the bag open up, you can see one of the other really cool features about this kit and that is everything is organized, it’s labeled. You know exactly what is in each little pouch and that is exactly what you’re gonna want. Some of my own first aid kits, trauma kits or whatever, I open it up, everything just kinda falls out and you know, in a worst case scenario, we’re just trying to figure out where something is, really quickly, because you know, seconds count. This is exactly what you’re gonna want. So, let’s go ahead and just kind of cover this. I’ll move from right to left here starting with this coupon code. If you guys are interested, you guys can hit pause or whatnot, write that down so if you wanna get discount off your purchase and then, here are the different items that are inside of this kit.

First up, we’ve got some pressure bandages over here. They have the pressure bandage right here and this one is what is known as a conforming bandage. This kinda helps you with wounds that are not necessarily easy to bandage locations more or less.

I kinda want to show you the organization as well but moving on to this skin cleaning wipes. You got some alcohol prep pads in here, and we also have some other items. This would be good to take to a campsite as well because in addition to first aid, you also have sting relief and antiseptic towelletes in there. And you can see that everything has its own little baggie to kinda keep it water resistant.

You also have cotton gauze swabs and eye pads. I put it the wrong location. See, I need to use my own system here. So, eye pads, you know, there are special things you need to keep in mind, whenever you’re treating different wounds. So just kinda keep that in mind.

Here are the tools that do the job, but you are gonna also need to know the knowledge. So, this is my official recommendation, that you get CPR training as well as a refresher training. So, I guess there are two eye pads in there. I will say that there are some instructions in some of these as well. So, cotton gauze swab, and let’s see here 7.57 x 7.57 centimeters, wound closures, and then it does have instruction on this. Some bandages. There are also some small bandages because usually, whenever you reach for a first aid kit, hopefully not always reaching it’s the most common reason that you’re reaching for this to have smaller bandages and I’ll cover those in a second.

I also have emergency blanket, which is not gonna only keep you warm, but also is great for treating shock. So, it’s Mylar blanket. There’s also a triangle bandage as well. You can make a sling or something else just basically kind of fashion this and make it work for you. There is a location that you can put safety pins. You can kind of clip it to right here. I just haven’t done that yet. I thought they came included, but perhaps, they don’t. That’s okay, I have an extra safety pins. A CPR kit which also has CPR instructions inside.

So, one of the things that they always recommend or insist upon, I should say, whenever you’re treating someone for CPR, is to have a way of protecting yourself. So, whether that be through gloves to protect your hands if someone is bleeding or that would be a mask to protect your mouth from somebody else. It is recommended to have some sort of a CPR kit on you. And there are also some instructions as well for whenever you’re in a panic and you just want to make sure you’re doing all the right steps. Hopefully, you have to memorize because you’ve taken the training but here are the different things you’re going to want to do for an adult and then if it is a child or a baby.

So, extra little thing, you also have a key ring in case you want keep that attached to your teaser or somewhere more portable, and then we have basically small bandages. Here, we have some stainless steel shears to cut off basically articles of clothing that may get in the way of defibrillators and what not, and this is really good thing to have because whenever I’ve assisted in a CPR that was actually occurring, someone passed out and they weren’t breathing, they didn’t have pulse, they had to cut off his shirt real quickly and I wasn’t carrying a knife on me, like I always do, then they would have had difficulty with that, and it would have cost seconds that really matter. So having a good quality pair of shears, which these feel like are really important, really good thing to have. Another stainless steel item that they have, It’s also feels like, it’s a good quality, are these tweezers.

Over here, we also have splinter probes in case the tweezers aren’t going to get the job done, these are specially designed. I’m not really sure how to use blunter probes. Let me know if you’ve ever used them in the description box down below. Otherwise, I just kind of have to Google it. Then, here we have hypoallergenic tapes, so basically medical tape. I wonder if these gloves are hypoallergenic. It doesn’t really say on there. I know some people are allergic to latex and whatnot.

And then in the middle pocket which is the last pocket that I have, that has not been opened, we have some q-tips, as well as, this little item which I was not able to figure out what this is. I’m trying to do a little bit research, but I’m not going to use this anyways, because I’m going to put a rat’s tourniquet right in here. So, tourniquets can also be extremely life saving in a worst case scenario.


So, that is everything that is in the kit from Surviveware. This first aid kit is amazing. It’s not only great because of the materials used for the bag, as well as, the organization of the bag itself, but also all of these items are things that you’re gonna definitely want to have on you if something does happen, whether it’d be something as minor as a bumper scrape or whether it’d be something as severe as needing to administer CPR or applying pressure to a wound, a deep wound.

You’ll stay safe out there, and remember, it pays to be prepared. Guys, make sure you get a first aid kit and make sure you’re CPR certified.

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Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Labelled Compartments for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car and Cycling.

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