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Lap DeskEliminates heat problems burning my legs, cushioning is more than adequate, and I didn’t think I would like or use the clip on the side, but actually do like it and have plenty of potential uses planned. This very reasonably priced ($15 on amazon) lapdesk saved me lots of money and does its job well! I use it every day, and it stores easily under my couch or behind a table nearby for a quick grab. Most of the time I leave my laptop sitting on top of it when I slip it under the couch for storage, and so it is truly convenient to pull it out when I want. I had considered expensive models, even real wood models, but this one does the trick! Also like the grooves along the top for writing utensils. A side pouch for storage of small items would be the only improvement I could recommend.

The Lap Desk can be used for books or your laptop, perfect for studying in tight spaces.
9 Total Score
Comfortable and worth the purchase!

A must have in college, its comfortable and keeps your laptop cool. A better alternative than just laying the laptop on your lap or your bed. I used this for my 17" laptop and it fits fine. Only negative I would say the plastic has a texture, so if you're going to use it to write on, use some extra paper as padding.

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Manufacturer Information

Always Stay Connected

At Lapgear we understand the importance of working in comfort. Use your LapDesk on the go, whether your in the car, on a boat or in a plane, no matter where you are you can always get work done in style and comfort!

Comfort Meets Technology

Our premium dual bolster cushion base provides comfort and stability. This also provides a barrier to help reduce heat from your device for maximum protection. Our angled design gives the right support no matter where you are!

Keeps Documents Safe

Our specialized clip keeps your documents safe and secure. Get more done with our sturdy writing surface perfect for work or play! Help prevent lost papers and smudges.

Fits Most Laptops and Tablet Devices

Our Jumbo Lapdesk provides plenty of room for your laptop, tablet and cellphone! The Jumbo Lapdesk includes one of our largest surfaces! Our built in carrying handle makes travel a breeze.

Work, Play, Game. Anywhere!

The Jumbo Lapdesk is designed with function, durability, comfort and style in mind. Our premium lapdesk provides the perfect surface for writing, reading and surfing in the home or on the go!

From the creators of the original lapdesk since 1974! As a family owned business we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality accessories for your devices and are confident you will be satisfied! At lapdesk we are setting the standards for quality!

Portable ergonomic work station that conforms to the users lap. General use at home, school, outdoors or in the auto. The tapered bottom is filled with micro-beads for maximum comfort and stability at any angle. The rigid molded top includes two pencil trays and a built-in clip for notepads or paper hold-down.

  • Work where you want to
  • Great for kids and games
  • Comfortable micro bead bottom
  • Study Station for dorm room


Does this lapdesk help cool off the computer in anyway?
It has no cooling element or material BUT it does help keep your laptop on a flat surface which helps the laptop circulate air underneath it and stay a bit cooler. It also keeps my lap from getting hot as well.

19 x 2 x 15 inches ; 1.6 pounds and cushions are 2″ thick

I’m looking for something that can sit over my lap while on the sofa, that allows me to use a keyboard and mouse. Could this work?
That would depend on the size of your computer. Anything larger than 8-12″ will not accommodate the mouse or keyboard. I have a 17″ laptop and it fits, but nothing larger will. I bought this to use my laptop while sitting in my recliner. It works great for that, and I find myself using it for snacks, and eating while watching TV. Great product.

Does your computer slide around on the surface of this when you are using it on your lap?
Not at all… if you tilt the lapdesk it will slide off, but during regular use the surface is slightly textured so keeps things in place.

Would this fit a 15in laptop?
Yes, we tried it with a 17″ laptop.

What is the weight?
Less than 1 pound.


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