Fingertip-less Gloves for Smartphones

Fingertip-less gloves keep your hands warm and still be able to use your smart phone for text messaging and more.
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Awesome gloves for Text Messaging.

When I switched from a keypad type android phone to my iPhone, I wondered how I could text with gloves on. Well this are so awesome, I was so surprised. I thought maybe they would have the finger tips missing or something, nope!! Just gloves with white tips and I can type on my touch screen, so awesome. As for the gloves, these seem light weight, which is fine with me, I know these will keep my fingers and hands warm enough for our light winters. I am very happy with this product.

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  • Touch sensitive technology in the fingertips
  • Can be use on any touch screen devices.
  • Keeps your hands warm
Editor's choice 2015
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