Best Make Up Storage Case for Every Woman

Hello everyone! I got this beautiful make-up case from a really thoughtful and sweet friend. I used a see-through bag and a container to dump all my make-up into. While they’re both practical, they’re not very attractive; so, I’m guessing that’s why my friend got me this pretty case. I really like the pink color because its bright and happy, but this container also comes in black and steel.

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Exterior Case

The case weighs 6.8 pounds. It measures 14 by 9 and the height is 10 inches. It has an aluminum frame and reinforced steel corners and it also has feet. It also comes with a strap if you want to carry it. There are also two keys included in case you want to lock up your case. The handle is plastic, but it has aluminum on the base so it feels more secure. The case is larger than your average mini cup case. So, let’s go ahead and open this up.

Interior Case

As you can see, it opens up really easily. The inside lining feels like a felt fabric and the trays are made out of plastic so it’s really easy to wipe clean. There are four trays here; each tray measures just under 13 inches long and about 3 and a half inches wide. Now these four trays come with dividers so you can slip it into the slots here and customize it. Although the middle trays come with the dividers, I find it really difficult to take out so I don’t think you’ll be able to customize this part. If anybody out there owns this and you found a way to remove this, please let me know because I would love to find out.

The bottom compartment is nice and deep and large. It comes with a long divider and two smaller dividers. They don’t come out easily but the dividers can be pried out so you can use the bottom for bigger items.

I’ll just show you what I’ve used the compartments for. You can see I have a make-up brush here, some mascara, eyeliner – and I have fit four regular size lipsticks here. I have some eyeshadow, another lipstick in here, nail file, some hair accessories, tweezers, another lip balm, nail clippers and sharpeners. This one I put a hair cream in. I have some lavender oil, it’s really calming and some sandalwood oil, have some extra pair of earrings, bronzer and a blush in here too. You can see this is pretty wide and it fits nicely in this compartment.  A razor, emergency flashlight – I’m always prepared. And, I have a couple of nail polishes in here and on the bottom I have put the bigger items.

You can stand up your primer, a couple of foundations, cover stick, powder. On the other side, I’ve put in my face cream and night cream. I’ve some make-up remover, hair pins, make-up wedges – and this is kind of flexible so if you want to leave this in there, you can sort of move it around a little bit. Now, I like the size of these compartments so I’m going to leave the dividers the way they are – and sometimes, I carry things in my little make-up bag and I find that you could actually fit one in here nicely. As for earrings and other accessories, you don’t want to leave them loose up here – you could put it in a little box so it’s more secure and it fits in it nicely also. You can even put a stick of deodorant in it. Now, I’ve only filled this with a little bit of make-up, some of you out there have a lot more make-up and as you can see there is lots of space and you can customize this to however you want to store your make-up.

The height of the bottom compartment is just about 3 inches – so, you can stand up your primers and foundations on the bottom so it’ll give you more space. This case doesn’t come with a mirror but what you can do is, you can take out the bottom dividers and can actually fit a good-sized mirror on the bottom.

To close the box, I find it’s easiest to close up the trays first and then just simply close the box and latch. Even with the make-up, the case is not that heavy and the case feels very sturdy.

To wrap up:

So overall, I like this case because it’s attractive and holds all of my make-up and accessories. I wouldn’t say this is good for professionals, but for the average person it’s a good buy at a reasonable price. Hope you found this review useful.

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