Arizona Iced Tea Can Stash Safe

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Arizona Iced Tea Can Stash Safe

Weighs the same as a full can. Good for holding cash and jewelry.

can-safe-01While it did come slightly dented, I feel that it adds the authenticity of the stash a just a run-of-the-mill Arizona Green Tea. I am very happy with this product. It it visually INDISTINGUISHABLE from the actual Arizona product, and has just the right amount of weight to it.

I’m a little disappointed in how much room that this safe stores since online it looks like the whole can can hide stuff but I measured the depth of the safe to the lid and it is 4 1/4″ deep. I am satisfied though that this product does what it says it does. Just wish there was more room. I was also concerned that weight would be an issue since when I was looking at the product here on amazon, I though it might be a little light so I was thinking it might be a little obvious to whomever is looking to find stuff in your living space. That being said when I got this can safe out of the packaging it was as if it had weight put into it to make it feel real, as if it would have ice green tea even though it doesn’t. Good product despite the storage area being smaller than expected.

It is also smell-proof, by the way. :-)


Store your valuables where they least expect it, in an Arizona Iced Tea Stash Can. You've seen these in the movie, now you can own your very own.
8.9 Total Score
Very Realistic

This can looks and feels very real. It has a few tiny scuffs and dents but I have never purchased a can of Arizona that didn't have some blemishes on it. It adds to the realism. It's scent proof as well. It also has a decent storage area.

8.8Editor's score
9.0User's score
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Manufacturer Information:

  • Handcrafted from a real Arizona Green Tea can
  • Good for holding cash and jewelry
  • Weighs the same as a full can
  • Undetectable screw off top
  • Hide your valuable in plain sight
Brand Name AriZona
Item Weight 1 pounds
Product Dimensions 7.5 x 3.8 x 3.2 inches
Manufacturer Part Number Arizona Green Tea


can-safe-02Is it air tight?
Yes, no smell will come out of it

Will I be able to take this can through airport security?
I highly suggest NOT doing this. the xray will reveal what is inside.

When the cap is off are the edges sharp?
The one I recieved is perfect no sharp edges as close as you can get to the real thing.

Can I fit an e cigarrette/vapor pen in here?
Yes you can fit a those items inside it.

Is it waterproof?
I´m guessing if you submerge it under water it may flood the inside, but it´s defintetly water ressistant, as it is made out of a real can.

Is this thing smell proof!?
In my opinion yes. Always take precautions though.

Can you fit a credit card in this?
No, the opening is not quite wide enough to fit a credit card, its about the size of most large-mouthed perscription pill bottles.

Can you fit a iPhone 5c in it?

can-safe-03When holding will it sound and feel like a can of liquid?
That’s the only downside. It doesn’t slosh or anything. Ive actually switched over now and started using the Barbasol Shaving Cream safe now…. WAY sturdier and is more convincing.

Can it hold a actual liquid?
You don’t want to use it to hold liquid. There’s nothing seperating the storage container between the outer layer of weighted sand-like foam.

Is it hard or really bendable?
The plastic piece inside makes it hard so it’s not going to dent or crumble, I still have mine and I haven’t had any problems with it. It works really well!

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Arizona Iced Tea Can Stash Safe

Weighs the same as a full can. Good for holding cash and jewelry.

Editor's choice 2015
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  1. Avatar Keegan webster September 18, 2015 at 12:29 PM
    Got this last week! thanks
    + PROS: Ha! My roommate doesn't even know what I hide in these!
    - CONS: It's made out of the real can!? its kinda sharp on the edges, so be careful.. but not bad.

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