My Affordable Dorm Room Decors from Amazon

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Hey guys! Hi and welcome. We are back with another haul today. Let’s get right into it.

1. Layla Collection Rug

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Layla Collection Rug



The first item I want to show you is a rug. I like having a rug because it just collects water, things from the washer and the dryer drips, and those whole bunch of mess. That’s why I prefer to have a rug near my laundry area. I have a similar rug underneath my dining table and I love how rich and cool the colors are. I love the color palette, it definitely ties in with my dorm because it has a lot of dark, rich, rustic, colors in it.

The space is definitely going to be centered around this rug, so I’m very excited. It’s very easy to clean, it’s great if you have animals or pet hair. My sister also has this rug and it just cleans up so nicely.


2. Rectangular Woven Box

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Rectangular Woven Box


Rectangular Woven Box

For this next item, I saw this really cute idea for dryer sheets for your laundry area on Pinterest. Instead of doing a dryer sheet basket, I actually really like the idea of having a dryer sheet box, and this one I got obviously from Amazon. This is the rectangular woven tissue box holder, so it’s not meant for dryer sheets – it’s actually meant for tissue boxes but I figured there’s probably not that big of a difference.

I figured the dryer sheets may actually work perfectly in here. I love this decorative box. I love the wicker and the detailing of it. The little rubber band or tassel with a little hook, it’s very cute and I love the coloring. It’s warm so it’s going to tie in perfectly with that color palette from the rug.

3. 36-pcs Clear Storage Containers

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36-pcs Clear Storage Containers

BPA - free food grade materials

36 PCS Food Storage Container

I did order more storage because, for some reason, my Tupperwares just seemed to slowly disappear over time, I’m not sure where it goes. I picked up more containers because I really needed this. I felt like this was actually the best deal I found on Amazon; this one comes in a pack of 18. It’s their airtight food storage container set. It also comes with labels and stickers that you can put on it.

I probably won’t even use those but I do like all the different sizes and the variety of this pack. It is a 36-piece food storage container that has 18 stackable plastic containers with 18 lids. I’m very excited to have some new containers for myself, so I did end up picking up that. Very nice, very simple, very basic, nothing crazy.


4. Preprinted Labels

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Preprinted Labels

No messy handwriting

Preprinted Labels

I also grabbed some labels and you know what? I actually love having labels on certain things, so I thought it would be cute to have the labels on some of my cleaning products.

In case anyone is looking for certain products, it’s just much easier to have them labeled.

I really love the clean and minimal design of these labels, a great purchase from Amazon. I think it will work really nicely for organization.



5. Wooden Coat Hook Wall

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Wooden Coat Hook Wall

Convenient pack

Wooden Coat Hook Wall

I found these really awesome wooden wall hooks because we often have jackets and bulky things that we usually hang up. I thought it’d be nice to have some nice wall hooks so I found these ones from Amazon, they come in a pack of six.

They are three inches long and you mount them to the wall from behind so they look nice and seamless. I’m not sure which wall yet I’m going to have them on but you can obviously tell the nice rich dark brown will tie in with the color palette very nicely. I like that these were different and a little bit more modern.


6. Gallon Glass Jars

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Gallon Glass Jars

3-quart Heritage Hill jar with (1) glass lid

Gallon Glass Jars

The other item I ordered are these gallon glass jars. I thought that this was a really great price. I love the clear glass jars and having them displayed on the counter, it’s very easy to access.

I really like the classic knob style on the top as well, I feel like these will never really go out of style. I can use them for so many different things. Very affordable, I really like the price point but I also think the jars will look really good together with the other items.

Thank you so much for checking out my Amazon haul!

You wanted the best? You got it. Thanks for reading and that’s all for now. I hope to see you guys next time, see you guys later!


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