A Great Way To Control The Lights In Your Dorm With Your Phone

Ever wanted to control the lights in your dorm easily without walking around? Then here’s your solution.

1. LUCERO Smart Bulb – Color Changing RGB LED Light – Bluetooth App Smartphone Controlled ● Mood Lighting for Relaxation, Party Lights, Romantic Dinner, or Decorative Bulbs – No WiFi Hub Needed

Smartphone-controlled lighting systems may sound like some super-expensive straight-from-the-future tech that’s just for completely tricked-out smart homes, but some bulbs are complete plug-and-play models that don’t even require a hub.


Features and Specifications

  • ENJOY SMART COLOR-CHANGING RGB BLUETOOTH BULB! Personalize your lighting with 16+ Million colors plus cool and warm white. It’s Easy: No extra hardware needed, no hubs, no gateways, no WiFi, no bridges. This makes Bluetooth bulbs a superior and cheaper technology compared to WiFi bulbs.

  • SMART MOOD LIGHTING! Change the color to follow your emotion & setting. Add Atmosphere. Just with a finger tap, you can add peace to your relaxing time, add romance to your romantic dinner or kick start that party. Automate your lighting to support your body’s circadian rhythm. Sync lights to music.

  • SCHEDULE LIGHTING WITH BUILT-IN TIMER Set countdown timers to on/off for individual bulbs or groups. Create Wake-up Timer or Sleep Timer to let your favorite colors wake you up and put you to sleep. During Vacation make it look like someone’s home, even when you’re not.

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I was so stoked to get this smart bulb. Ever since Phillips displayed their smart bulb, I couldn’t stop think of how cool it would be to have one. But it was way over priced and this was the second best option. The app is complicated to use and setting up is a breeze. The color options are really nice, sometimes i like to change it according to my mood. The bulb connects with almost any light socket. I would definitely recommend you try it out.

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