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I thought to share this post with the peeps that are going into college or just want to keep a small refrigerator in your bedroom. Anyway, I picked this this fridge last year for my new apartment in school. I wanted my own fridge because sharing a fridge with four or five other guys is not the most ideal thing as everything gets crammed together and I didn’t want all that fuss. Trust me, this refrigerator is more than enough for one person.

I got it off from Amazon for I think it was around $200, it wasn’t too crazy expensive, but nonetheless a little bit more than your average home mini-fridge. My favorite feature about this fridge is pretty obvious. It has an actual separate top freezer, but before I get into that, I just want to give you a quick overview of the exterior design for this particular model. I believe it is available in two colors; you have the stainless steel – gray model and an all- white model. But, the stainless-steel model is definitely my favorite and it looks really sharp and modern.

So, it’s pretty obvious, the front doors do feature the stainless-steel finish with the black trimming for the handles and stuff on the top and bottom. On the sides is just a plain metal kind of matte finish. On the top we have a plastic top and it has a very nice matte finish on it. This is designed to actually put stuff on, so if you want to throw your printer on top or food and stuff, flower vase, whatever – it’s a very strong top so you don’t worry too much about scratching it or damaging it. 

This 3.2 Cu. Ft. White Compact Refrigerator w/ Internal Freezer is ideal for smaller spaces like a dorm room, teen’s bedroom or office. It is sized perfectly to keep drinks and small amounts of food cold and in a convenient location.

Alright, so taking a quick look at my most favorite feature of this fridge, we have the top freezer which is a completely separate compartment from the actual refrigerator; so, if we want to store ice cream, or frozen pizza, whatever, this is a great spot to do it. This separate internal freezer is good for storing frozen treats or packages of meat. Separate freezer compartment chills your ice cream all summer, and the included ice tray can make ice cubes to keep your drinks cool.

This freezer is a non-defrost so basically ice and stuff will eventually build up on the inside, which is a good thing because I honestly hate the freezers, the refrigerators that automatically defrosts because it kind of, it does something funny to the frozen food. Also, it has a very seamless design so very easy to clean – you can scrape the ice off as well as wipe down with a cloth so it’s all contained and easy to clean.

Now the last section of course is the refrigerator portion. There are 2 heights – you can set it on the bottom height or the top height, whichever works best for you and because it has a top freezer, it’s not as big as some standard mini fridges but this definitely is a nice combo as it combines frozen products with refrigerator products. The most interesting thing is if you take all of the shelves and drawer out, a gallon of milk would fit. Though that seems a bit impractical but a half-gallon milk container would fit in the door easily.

On the door features three standard shelves; great to throw in a carton and eggs or something; and one on the bottom which is most ideal for big 2-liter things: milk, a pop, or things like that. There is also a special Can dispenser and door bins to hold drinks on the inside of the door. If you’re looking for a fridge to keep your food, drinks, & frozen snacks organized and cold, then this is the fridge for you!

The main refrigerator portion features three levels – you have the crisper on the bottom, great for storing vegetables or fruits. The crisper drawer is designed for your fruits and vegetables, which always keeps them fresh. You have the glass top – it’s actually made of glass, so don’t break it – a great spot for storing containers of food or it’s anything that will fit in there essentially. And of course, we have a top wire shelf, which I like to store like bottle water and stuff on just stack them high. 

On the side we do have the temperature dial control. I believe it goes one to six, and there’s an actual off button so you can completely turn the fridge off with just the light on so you don’t have to unplug it or anything if you for some reason need to do that. Of course, the interior lighting lightens up the entire fridge and other portion, which is kind of nice.

So here’s a quick final review of this fridge.  It’s really a large fridge, and is definitely more than enough for one person. I read reviews that it’s good for two people as well, depending on how much you eat, of course. It may be good for that but for me, it’s more than enough. Many fridges are fairly quiet, but because this is a newer model and it uses compressor so it makes the standard humming noise. I have placed it a few feet away from my bed so I go to sleep with this thing every night and I never had issues in getting sleep with humming noise.


I’ve been using this for pretty much about a year now, I definitely have to say this is a great fridge for your dorm room, or bedroom, or just small place where you can store some food. You have a dual option of a freezer and a refrigerator in a mini style fridge, it’s definitely nice especially for people who are going to college and have their own bedroom. I’m sure you want your own fridge and don’t want to share. I think $200 is a very fair price for a good quality fridge like this, and I definitely recommend it.

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If you're looking for a fridge to keep your food, drinks, & frozen snacks organized and cold, then this is the fridge for you! Do not hesitate to buy one!

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