Best Pellet Grills 2022 Reviews

What’s up guys? Today we are going to review the top 5 best Pellet Grills in 2022. Through extensive research and testing, I’ve put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so whether it’s price performance or its particular use, we’ve got you covered. For more information on the products, I’ve included links with the reviews. Now let’s get started. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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ULTIMATE 8-IN-1 (Cover included)

Z GRILLS WOOD PELLET GRILL AND SMOKERIf you’re in pursuit of the top bang for the buck, we believe you should check out the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, the best value product you can find in this niche in the market in 2022. This durable pellet grill offers high versatility with eight in one operation, making it perfectly suitable for a number of aspiring chefs with plenty of applicable recipes and gourmet opportunities. With the help of Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, you’ll be able to roast vegetables in addition to roasting meat, grilling mushrooms, or smoking your favorite dishes. Speaking of which, the onboard intelligent smoke technology on this device uses an automatic power supply that can maintain a constant temperature of 180 to 450 degrees, and has a bunker that can hold up to 20 kilograms or 44 pounds of pellets for extended cooking times. The digital control also handles the ignition of the pellets. The grill is quite easy to use and can also serve as an oven. This means that it can be used for baking everyday foods such as pizza, biscuits, cornbread, and more. The wood pellet grill and smoker is known for its longevity and reusability, not something you’d expect from a value for money option. This pellet grill is specially designed for smaller families, but brings maximum aromas to the food. The product sports two wheels and a break that make it easy to move anywhere around the house or garden. The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker comes in bronze finish. It has the size of 45 by 28 by 49 inches, as well as weight of 84 pounds. For the listed price, you truly can’t beat this guy. With this we have rounded off all the important features, advantages, as well as potential disadvantages of this product, so now we’re free to move on to the next one.


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Ash Cleanout System, Pellet Hopper Cleanout/Purge, Grease Management System

CAMP CHEF SMOKEPRO DLX PELLET GRILLOn to the mid-range department, the next product on our list of reviews is Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill, which we awarded the title of the best mid-range pellet grill that you can find in the market in 2022. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is an easy to use and reliable smoker that can be used for getting delicious flavors in a wide array of recipes. This pellet grill is specially designed for the paved part of the yard, which makes it suitable both for home and garden. If you’re looking for a suitable pellet grill for your yard, you will certainly not go wrong with this fella. The onboard controller includes a meat probe which is a nice feature that can be found in most expensive units. Furthermore, the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill comes with 429 square inches of primary cooking surface, with up to 573 square inches of total cooking space. The temperature range is from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 to 260 degrees Celsius. There is also a side pellet tank with a capacity of 40 pounds, along with cooking bars made of steel bars as well as a precise control panel with a temperature probe. Additionally, this pellet grill features a digital temperature reading and an exclusive Ash Cleaning system for increased ease of use. You can easily empty the ash box by pulling the lever on the back of the pellet grate and use the grill again without any problems. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill comes with a digital LED display that not only displays the indoor temperature, but allows you to see how well your food is cooking. In terms of design, this fellow sports a coated steel construction, a single layer cap, as well as an easily adjustable chimney cap. When it comes to flaws and shortcomings, the cover is what bothered some users about this product with complaints that it’s thin and easily deformed or bent. Apart from this overall, the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is a top-notch unit at this price range and users just love the ease of use. The product dimensions are 41.5 by 25.5 by 22.5 inches. Good stuff, a thumbs up from here.


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Features Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors grill temperature

GREEN MOUNTAIN DAVY CROCKETT PELLET GRILLIf you’re looking for an easily portable and practical pellet grill, the following product is the perfect option for you. Introducing the Green Mountain Davy Crockett, easily fetching the title of the best portable pellet grill that can be found in the market in 2022. The device contains a wi-fi activated controller that can be used together with your smartphone to control the temperature and time. It also comes with a meat probe, a premium lid for large dishes, and a handy tray with crotchet hooks. Now you can control your grill with wi-fi using the iOS or android app, so you can turn to another cook or put your feet up and relax. This grill includes adapters for three different power options. It has legs that fold for transport that also double as handles, making this device ideal for transport as well as for home cooking. Thanks to all those three different power supply options, this pellet grill is versatile and quite suitable for a variety of locations and occasions. Also, the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet Grill comes with a Sense-Mate integrated thermal sensor that continuously monitors the grill temperature in order to achieve the safest possible cooking, we love it. As noted, the grill includes a meat probe as well as a top lid for cooking and roasting a whole chicken and other large pieces of food, fish racks, and more. Furthermore, there is a serving chest with cooking sockets and a flame opening for lubricating the open flame. If you’re going on holiday, camping, excursion or any other trip, don’t worry because the Green Mountain Davy Crockett has a set of folding legs and can easily fit in the trunk of your car. It should be noted that this product operates at 120 AC or 12-volts. The product comes in black and gray, with green details and in the size of 29.92 by 14.96 by 21.65 inches. The weight is 57.32 pounds. Highly portable but also high quality, we can only recommend this fella.


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The Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic

TRAEGER PRO SERIES 34 GRILLThe next product on our list for today is the Traeger Pro Series 34 Grill, which won the silver medal and the title of the best runner-up parquet grill that can be found in the market in 2022. The Traeger Pro Series 34 Grill comes with a larger capacity tank and a set of ultra-stable legs. Thanks to this construction, you’ll be able to store your favorite food even on those uneven surfaces without worrying about stability. The device boasts high versatility, giving users six operating options in a single package including smoking, baking, juicy barbecue food, and more. Also, you can choose between different functions and go from low and slow to hot and fast cooking. Additionally, the Traeger Pro Series 34 Grill comes with temperature control that always shows precise results no matter which cooking process you choose. There’s also the innovative technology called the Digital Pro Controller; it’ll make sure that the temperature is constantly maintained at (+/-) 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Good stuff. This pellet grill is very durable and strong crafted with high quality steel construction. Furthermore, a durable powder coating as well as a porcelain BBQ grill have been added to the construction. The device also sports a set of wheels that are very easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to use the product on just about any type of terrain. Also, thanks to the rather large capacity for food preparation and cooking of as much as 884 square inches, you’ll be able to store large pieces of meat. So, the Traeger Pro Series 34 Grill can accommodate seven ribs, a whopping 40 burgers, and eight chickens. The product comes in a bronze finish and the size of 27 by 53 by 49 inches, while the weight is 46.49 pounds. Many users also like the fact that two probes can be used at the same time, which is not the case with many other competitors on the market, as well as the digital reading of the probe and the grill temperature. This is a great product you won’t regret purchasing. But let us now move on to the very top, shall we?


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TRAEGER PRO SERIES 575 GRILLWe have now reached our gold medalist for today and the title of the best overall pellet grill on the market in 2022; and the winner is the Traeger Pro Series 575 Grill, a well-known American brand for more than 30 years. Traeger is an established figure in this niche. A follower of the low and slow concept, this fella delivers slow cooking at low temperatures, allowing you to rediscover that magical taste without carbonizing food. The Pro 575 grill is a multi-purpose device; you can grill, smoke, bake, or stew food. Connected to any wi-fi network, you can control the grill remotely using the onboard app. No more waiting time in front of your grill. You can control the cooking time and temperature from a distance now. The Pro 575 grill is equipped with several top-notch functions: firstly, there’s the Pro D2 controller for temperature adjustments. This function will allow you to set the cooking temperature in the range from 74 degrees Celsius to 260 Celsius. Next, there is the Turbo Temp which offers a variable speed motor and fan, an ultra-fast and ultra-powerful ignition system for efficient cooking. Finally, there’s an option to use the app that contains numerous recipes that will guide you step by step through the use of your Traeger Grill. Furthermore, this pellet grill has a set of wheel rims that allow you to turn the grill over to cobblestones, stones, and dirt. The stainless-steel partition collects the grease and takes it to the bucket on the left side of the grill outside the pan. Also, there is a control wheel that allows you to set the minimum and maximum temperature you want to achieve, and you can monitor the temperature of the probe on the controller or on the phone via the app. The Traeger Pro Series 575 Grill comes in elegant black. It has the size of 27 by 41 by 53 inches, while the weight is 124 pounds. With this guy, you’ll get premium performance at the best possible price quality ratio.

You wanted the best? You got it. Thanks for reading and that’s all for now. I hope to see you guys next time, see you guys later!

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