Ultimate Dorm Decor Idea- Colorful LED Lights

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Ball Strong Lights

Multicolor available


• Light color: multi-color
• LED quantity: 50 pcs
• Light mode: slow color changing
• Ball diameter: 0.7in
• Voltage: AC 110V-AC 120V
• Waterproof rating: IP65
• Cable length: total length 16.4ft, lead length: 1.6ft, LED spacing: 0.33ft

• You can only connect at most 5 strands one time.
• The lights are all the same color and alternate between 7 kinds of colors at first and then they start to randomize, no two consecutive lights are ever the same color.
• There is not a controller for the modes of color changing, they work automatically.
• Everying about the string lights are waterproof except the plug.
• Do not put the string lights close to any source of heat.
• Do not place it near staple, nails or any other objects that may damage the wire.

What’s Included?:
•1 x 50 LED String Lights
•1 x User Manual

A couple tapestrys and stringed light bulbs and do wonders for decorating your dorm room. These LED bulbs are colorful and beautiful. The perfect compliment for your dorm room.
10 Total Score
Lovely lights, slow changing color. Can connect end to end

The strand is good length and features 50 led bulbs that stay cool. When first turned on the lights are all the same color and alternate between a few colors and then the magic happens and they start to randomize.
These look extra cool when you layer over a tapestry!
Very Colorful and theses lights are perfect for a party!

I like the waterproof connections that allow connecting up to 5 strings together. I have received several positive comments from my friends. They even asked me where I got them from because they want to put it in their room! - Very Happy

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Princeton University, Rockefeller 

University of Maryland, College Park | Anne Arundel Hall


Are the plugs that connect to the wall, safe and well made? is there any approval by the US, like UL approved?
Yes. I found it to be really good quality.

What type of RGB controller can be used with these strands? Or what protocol do they run on?
They’re a basic on/off switch. The lights all change colors slowly, with a mixed pattern.

How many strands can you connect end to end? Is there a specified limit?

What should I do if the bulbs stop working, for how long do they last?
LEDs lasts quite a long while. Mine are still going strong!

Is there any way to make it stay on one color?
Sorry, the light will keep changing color.

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Ball Strong Lights

Multicolor available

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