Dorm Room Tech Under $50

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another back-to-school tech review. Now this one is specifically for the dorm room and everything in here is under $50. These are things that I’d want to use if I was still in school, stuck in a dorm with maybe someone you don’t like.

  1. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

So, the first one on the list is the obvious one, this is the 4K HDR Firestick. This is a must for any student that wants to stream video to a TV; like you’re maybe sharing TVs with your dorm mate or maybe with a bunch of people on the same floor, you’re going to want something to send movies or music to using your smart phone. Now, this is a 4K version; this one is a bit more expensive to cost around $70 U.S. But, there is a 1080p version which costs around $39.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot

Next up on the list is another obvious one, but another great one for the dorm room and that is the Amazon Echo Dot. This one cost 35 bucks and you’re going to want this beside your computer when you’re doing your homework. Hey Alexa, what’s the mass of the sun in grams? The sun’s mass is one decillion, nine hundred eighty-nine nonillion, one hundred octillion, four quadrillion, nine hundred… Alexa, shut up. Also, very important here, it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music while you’re doing your homework. Now, I’ll be honest; the speaker inside of this thing is not that great and if you want a better speaker and something that’s a little bit more versatile, I would probably get your hands on this one…

  1. Anker SoundCore 2

This is the Anker SoundCore 2. You can connect it to the Amazon Echo Dot either using an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth; but it also has great battery life lasting up to like 20 hours of use before needing a charge. You can chuck it in your bag, you can bring it to the beach, you can bring it to the pool because it’s IP x5 certified which means it can take some splashes. And the best thing about it, you can use it hands-free so if someone calls you, you can answer it and talk through the speaker – definitely worth the money.

  1. BESTEK Power Strip

Fourth up on the list is a power bar by BESTEK. This is not your typical six power bar that you use to that’s like horizontal; this one’s a vertical so there’s a lot more ports to plug things into. You’ve got 8 ports – plus, you have 6 USB ports to plug devices into. So, this is like the ultimate solution to keep your things charged because let’s face it, most dorm rooms only have like a couple outlets to use. You can also turn off each section by pushing a button and it’s just really clean to organize all your cables.

  1. Adywe Desktop Cable Clips

Speaking of organizing their cables, that brings me on to my last thing and this one is a very simple one. These are cable organizers by a company called Adywe. There’s about five or four little slots for each organizer. We can place like an iPhone cable in, maybe your laptop cable, and I’ll keep it placed in one location; I mean, your room is gonna be messy half the time so why not keep your devices clean so you can kind of just access them a lot easier.


So, that wraps up my top 5 tech that I’d personally use in a dorm room if I was still in school; but like I said, I’m like 4,000 years old so I don’t need any of this stuff but I think I can see myself using it. So, I hope that helps.

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