Beautiful Chandelier Arc Floor Lamp by Crown Mark

Give your dorm room some glamour with this beautiful arc floor lamp by Crown Mark. Black Rain Drop style.
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This is the most beautiful floor lamp/chandelier I have ever seen!!! Love it it is pretty tall easy to assemble. I get a lot of compliments on it. I love the dimming feature because it can put out a lot of light when on high, and a nice yellow glow on low. Didn't think the acrylic crystals would be as nice as they are. I washed them up a bit and they sparkle nicely.

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What style and size of bulbs does this lamp use?
It uses standard bulbs – either 60 Watt or 13 Watt CFL.

I would like to know about the crystals. Is it a real glass or plastic one?
Plastic. I love the light but I didn’t like the plastic cover it and I swapped them out for different ones at Home Depot .

How to put this together?
You need a socket wrench to secure the bottom pole on the base.

Is the light bight enough to like up an entire small bedroom?
Yes. It has a dimmer switch to allow for a range of brightness. When turned up all the way, it is very bright.

Does the lamp give the room a “formal” look?
We get a lot of oh’s. so beautifull! We really enjoying a floor lamp in one corner and a table lamp in other corner, very formal!!

What is the minimum height of this lamp?
Im going to say approx. 7 ft…..its a gorgeous lamp. I love mine.

Are these light bendable?
No. You can stretch them but they do not bend.

What colors does this lamp come in?
Gold and black.

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