A Great Way To Keep All The Noise Out

 Ever wanted to keep out all the unwanted noises around you out of your head? Well this product can do that or even better.

1. Philips NC1/27 Fidelio Noise Cancelling Premium Headphones with Ergonomic Memory Foam Cushions and Compact Multi-Way Folding for Easy Travel, Black

These on-ear headphones aren’t wireless, but that’s hardly a reason to knock them. All you get is compromised high fidelity sound, minus the noise. Compact foldability and long-wearing comfort make it the best sound companion on long haul or daily commutes.

Features and Specifications

  • Optimized 40mm neodymium drivers for high fidelity sound
  • Standalone acoustic chamber for sound precision
  • 30 hours of ANC play time and unlimited music and talk time
  • Zero hiss to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment
  • Ergonomic deluxe memory foam cushions for long-haul comfort


These are some high quality headphones. The band, cups and pads are designed to give you comfort during extended listening sessions. They are best used for long flights or long study sessions for optimal peace and quiet. The leather padding is  super comfortable. To activate the noise cancellation, you just slide a button on the left ear cup to activate it. Everything about  these headphones is just top quality, highly recommend you try them.

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