A Compact Outlet That Will Save You Lots Of Room

Short summary of what to expect with this article here, 2 sentences. Short summary of what to expect with this article here, 2 sentences.

1. PowerCube Original, 5 Outlet Wall Adapter Power Strip with 5 outlets and Resettable Fuse – PC-4100-USORPC

A compact outlet-multiplier, especially one with built-in USB ports, is a welcome attachment to any student’s desk. The fully grounded Power cube eliminates your need to constantly shuffle chargers for a tablet, e-reader etc

Features and Specifications

  • Converts 1 wall outlet into 5 outlets with out blocking the other
  • Allows for easy expansion by connecting multiple units together
  • Modular Design for added functionality


Just got it a few days ago. Actually it came a whole lot earlier than i thought it would. I attached mine to the back of my nightstand as a replacement to an extension cord I used to use. Very happy with the number of outlets and the USB outputs. Made my nightstand look a loot cleaner and organized. I kinda get the same power consumption. It goes up a little bit otherwise it is not a big problem. Really great product. I recommend you try it out yourself

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