Awesome Robotic Vacuum Your Dorm Deserves

Are you tired of cleaning your dorm over and over and over again? Then this is the machine for you.

1. Rollibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization, Automatic Recharging and Auto-Detection, Black

This robotic vacuum is designed to sweep, mop and UV – sterilize your dorm floor. It will remove almost anything on your floor, great for people who have allergies

Features and Specifications

  • Automatic vacuum cleaner with double sided brushes, high suction power, and UV sterilizing lamp
  • Robot floor cleaner has automatic recharging- battery that lasts 100 minutes and self charges.
  • Easy mopping attachment turns sweeping robot into mopping robot.
  • This Floor cleaning robot has HEPA air filter traps to ensure only clean air emissions.
  • Automatic vacuum robot sweeper includes remote control and a one-year warranty.


Not know much about robotic vacuums, I had to do a handful of research to know what i was buying. And i can tell you one thing, This is definitely worth the price. I also at times watch it maneuver around my room just to see what adventures it has. It cleans up my spills and carpet rug really easily. The best part is that it kills germs with the UV light. I definitely recommend it for you

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