Study Tips: How Many Hours Should You Spend Studying?

Most full time college students have to juggle their classes and social lives. Many sacrifice their grades though by not studying enough for classes and that could lead to lower grades which could delay your progress and even losing your scholarship if you have one.

Some classes require lots of reading, some require more technical practice, and some don’t really require any time. Depending what your classes are you need to budget time during your busy schedule to dedicate on improving your knowledge by practicing or studying.

Here are our study tips for how you should divvy up your time for studying

  • First you need to ask yourself what is it that you need to understand from the lesson.
  • What are the goals of the lesson, and focus on that.
  • Ask your professor what’s expected from the lesson if you are confused.
  • After reading up and studying the daily lesson, look ahead and take notes from the next chapter on your syllabus. 
  • Math and Science like Physics and Chemistry might take longer because you need to do similar problems repetitiously in order to memorize. 
  • Take short hand notes of everything you are studying and form it into a list to go over a couple times after you are done studying.
  • Take a break every 25 minutes, you would actually be surprised on how soon that time goes by.

By being efficient with your study habits, you can use your time effectively and minimize your time studying. Most students take 4 to 5 classes to be considered a full time student, usually they take 2 or 3 classes a day. You should study your material on the day after class, so the next day you can focus on your current classes.

We believe you you can spend around 2 to 3 hours a day on studying and still get the full value of the class.

10 smart study tips for all students

For more tips check out this video for studying more effectively:

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