15 College Fails

College is full of funny fails.

1.) Imagine your parents watching this and you’re the left ball… or the mouth! lol

2.) Yale Fail

3.) Washington State University’s New Planners Are Perfect, Except for the Picture from State Rival University of Washington


4.) Now how are you going to pay for college?

College Fail

5.) The job market is tough after college.


6.) Hey, that’s why she is going to collage, to get edumacated.


7.) This underemployed woman is selling her college diploma on eBay

8.) Good News, Northwestern Has a New “Itegrated” Program!


9.) Students sign petition to deport Americans in exchange for illegal immigrants

10.) Crappy Design

11.) Crappy Design Two

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12.) Ya.. it’s you!

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13.) The Records Office at the University of San Carlos, renowned for its architecture and engineering programs, in Cebu City, Philippines


14.) Education Showcase FAIL

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15.) Does This Mean They’ll Change Their Mascot?

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  1. Avatar Pete September 18, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    That Yale song was hot! Need the mp3 of it! I’m surprised they didn’t admit her…

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