Best Comforter For College 2022

Hey guys, so if you’re looking for the best comforters for your college dorm room, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tried a lot of top brands. I think six comforters really stand out among the rest. So, I want to talk about each, one by one. Their design, and who they’re a good fit for, and also some frequently asked questions about comforters. Which one’s right for you? Let’s find out. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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Bring the Most Luxurious Sleep Of Your Life

EGYPTIAN BEDDINGFirst off, you’re looking for a comforter or maybe some bedding, or even a mattress. You might be wondering, what is the best comforter? to that I say, “calm down, you’re stressing me out.” Second, there is no one right comforter for everyone. That’s why I chose six that are a good fit for different types of sleepers. From those who like that fluffy kind of cloud-like experience, for those colder nights, for those who want something on the thinner side for those warmer nights. I’m going to go through each one by one, starting with the Egyptian Bedding. I wanted to start with the Egyptian Bedding because a lot of times when people think of a comforter, they’re thinking of something really fluffy, something more cloud-like; and the Egyptian Bedding is definitely that. It has 60 ounces of 750 fill power goose down, a very fluffy material, very expansive as well, and also has a baffle box design. That means actually has these cubes in the construction that fill to fully expand. Overall, a very fluffy comforter. Also, very warm and insulating, good for those colder nights. On the outside – a very smooth outer shell, 100% Egyptian cotton, very smooth to the touch. But if you don’t like that feel, they do have some duvet tabs around the outside of the comforter. Tie in duvet cover for a different feel. Then lastly, it is a fantastic deal. Right now, for a queen size, $119. A very, very good value for a goose down comforter like this. So, if you want something that’s a good value, something very comfortable and fluffy, take a look at the Egyptian Bedding.


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Lightweight Comfort: Insulating but not too hot

BROOKLINENNext up we have the Brooklinen All-Season Down comforter. Now as I said with the Egyptian Bedding, a lot of people that look for a down comforter are looking for something fluffy or something more cloud-like; but that feel is not for everyone. That is why I like the Brooklinen so much. It’s definitely thinner than the Egyptian bedding, but it’s also a very luxury down comforter. It’s going to have some materials like 100% cotton in the shell, inside Canadian down clusters with a nice fill power as well. A very luxury down comforter. It’s also better for those warmer nights. It’s more breathable so you’re not going to sleep quite so hot underneath the Brooklinens.


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Down-alternative, Imported, all season comforter with medium-weight fill

SUPERIORThen we have the Superior Down Alternative comforter. Now there are a few reasons you might be considering a down alternative comforter. It could be you have, for ethical reasons don’t want a down comforter, you could struggle with allergies, or you want to get something more on the budget end. A Superior definitely fits all those criteria. It is hypoallergenic, so good for people with allergies. They don’t use any down in the product whatsoever, and it’s a very good deal, $45 for a queen size. It also has a lot of the benefits of a down comforter without the drawback. It’s still a very fluffy comforter and warm and insulating. If you want a very good value for a down alternative comforter but you also want some of that fluff of a down comforter, take a look at the Superior.


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High quality super soft luxury goose down alternative comforter

CHEZMOIMoving on, we have the Chezmoi Down Alternative comforter. This is my top value pick. Right now, it’s $34 for a queen size on Amazon, a very good deal for a down alternative comforter. While it’s a good value, it also has some nice fluff, some nice loft, and it’s also warm and insulating as well. The outside is a little bit rough to the touch, 100% polyester, but I think it’s a very good duvet insert. In fact, probably the best value duvet inserts on this list.


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100% cotton shell, ethically-sourced down fill

CASPER HUMIDITY FIGHTING DUVETThen we have the Casper Humidity Fighting duvet, but don’t worry it’s basically a comforter. So, what sets this comforter apart, is it’s really good for hot sleepers. I’m personally a hot sleeper. I wake up sweaty and clammy underneath a lot of different comforters, but I did not have that experience under the Casper here. The Casper contains duck down and a layer of merino wool. Merino wool is material we’ll find in hiking socks, for instance. It helps with moisture wicking and heat dissipation. Lying underneath the Casper, I’m not overheating. I’m sleeping quite cool. You hot sleepers out there should definitely take a look at the Casper.


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100% eucalyptus, temperature-regulating comforter

BUFFY COMFORTERLast up, we have the Buffy comforter, a very popular comforter right now. I added to this list because it’s an eco-friendly option. Inside you have the fill is made from 100% recycled plastic. Really awesome in that respect. Also in the shell, you have eucalyptus – really good anti-inflammatory properties, very nice for your skin. It’s also designed with hot sleepers in mind to keep you cool at night. A lot to like about the Buffy and a great eco-friendly option.

Now I want to answer some frequently asked questions about comforters. First off, we have, “what is the best type of comforter?” With comforters, you’re going to have two main types — down comforters and down alternative. A down comforter is better for those who like that fluffy kind of lofty feel; something more breathable. A down alternative comforter is better for those who want to save some money and those who struggle with allergies.

Next up we have, “what is the best down comforter?” In my personal opinion, it’s the Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose Down comforter. That’s because it’s really fluffy, really lofty, really warm and insulating, and a very good deal at $119 for a queen size.

Then we have, “what’s the best down alternative comforter?” For me it’s the Superior Down Alternative comforter. I like this so much because it’s very fluffy, very lofty. Similar to what you find with a down comforter, but it’s also good for people who struggle with allergies and those who don’t want to have down in their comforter.

Last up we have, “how do I choose a good down comforter?” There are three things you want to think about. First off, think about design. Is it sewn-through, or is it baffle box? Sewn-through has kind of a tighter design where the fill can’t fully expand. With a baffle box design, you actually have these cubes within the comforter for that fill to fully expand for more fluff. Also, think about fill weight. Is it a heavier fill weight? — how much down you’re getting? For instance, for a queen size, something over 60 ounces of down fill is definitely going to be a good choice. Then the last thing you want to think about, down fill power. Fill power is a measure of basically how fluffy is that down. Something over 700 or 750 fill power is definitely a good choice.

In the end, if you’re looking for a great comforter, one of these six should definitely work for you.

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