Scantron Item 882-E 100 Testing Forms (100 Pack)

  • 4.25×11 Double Sided Test Strip
  • 100 Questions Total. 50 per Side. Side A 1-50 Side B 51-100 Multiple choice A-E & T/F
  • Design to be used on Scantron 888P +
  • Top left stack alignment notch, Serves as key or test

ScantronTM Compatible Form 882-E test forms. Dimensions: 4.25″x11″ Visual Alignment notch allows for easy alignment of many papers at once. There are 100 multiple choice A-E or T/F questions on each side. 1-50 on the front, 51-100 on the back. These are 100% compatible. Forms have darkened bubbles to prevent cheating from other students. Can also serve as a master key with answers

The most used scantron in college is the 882-E form. This is for a 100 pack. Only $11.25. Sell extras to your classmates on the day of the test for a profit
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Editor's choice 2015

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