Premium Futon Mattress: Fullsized, 8-inch coils, Comfortable

  • Comfortable Futon Mattress Black
  • Comfortable Futon Mattress Beige
  • Comfortable Futon Mattress Brown
  • Frame NOT included
  • Frame NOT Included

This Futon mattress comes rolled up in a vacuum tote bag. Once you break the seal it expands pretty quickly. It expands to 8 inches and is VERY comfortable. We selected this futon because it had over 1000 positive reviews!!

While the mattress was quite heavy, I managed to get it into my room without help. After getting the mattress where I wanted it, I carefully cut off the plastic and stepped back as the mattress unrolled itself and inflated. It was quite entertaining to watch, and certainly made up for all the effort I’d spent getting it into my room! The instructions did recommend giving the mattress a few hours to fully expand and give the coils a break from being compressed for so long, but after the mattress had had a little while to sit, it was ready for use.

Full Sized Futon Frame with Arm RestGet the matching frame for your futon mattress. Full Sized Futon Frame with Arm Rest

The mattress does have one flaw, but it’s a pretty minor one, and won’t last. When the mattress is first released from its packaging, it will likely have a strong rubbery smell. Many people will find this unpleasant, but don’t worry- the odor will dissipate given just a bit of time and use. Turning on a fan and ventilating the room will help speed this process along.

Full sized futon mattress with 522 independently enclosed coils, 8 inches thick, VERY Comfortable. Free Shipping. Black, Brown, & Beige. Microfiber cover.
9 Total Score
Finally a comfortable futon!

I bought a futon frame for my dorm room that came with the worst mattress that anyone could possibly imagine- every bar under it was completely noticeable and sitting on the futon caused more discomfort than sitting on the hard floor. I was supremely disappointed, but the frame itself was remarkably sturdy, so I didn't want to return it. I decided instead to seek out a mattress. This mattress is quite possibly the best one available for the cost- and probably is better than many that are more expensive. Sitting on it is a joy, and i have spent more than one night opting to move off my bed and onto the futon now that this is around. The chemical smell that some people complained about disappeared after one day of sitting in the frame, and it has stayed on well.

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8.3User's score
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Manufacturer’s Information

Item Weight 57 pounds
Product Dimensions  75 x 54 x 8 inches
Item model number 5424096
Assembled Height 8 inches
Assembled Width 53 inches
Assembled Length 74 inches
Weight 57 Pounds
By Dorel Home Products

DHP’s 8″ microfiber futon mattress provides comfort and support with its 522 individually wrapped coils. It is the perfect complement to any futon. Available in chocolate brown, black and tan color. Futon arms and frame sold separately.

  • 15-gauge independently-encased coils
  • Quality foam and polyester layering between cover and coils for optimal comfort
  • Fits any standard FULL-sized futon frame
  • Independently, superbly pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils
  • Fits any standard Full futon frame
  • Microfiber mattress cover


I want to use this primarily as a couch, and occasionally as a bed for guests. Will it be comfortable as a couch?
I think it’s very comfortable as a couch. I sometimes sleep on it that way too. Its a great matteress. I got it and im still amazed on how it holds its comfort.

It will most of its time as a couch. Does it tend to slip off the futon frame when folded up? If so, any suggestions for preventing slipping?
We had it on a wood mission style frame with wood slats and used some non-slip shelf liner that we had removed from the shelves in the kitchen. That worked really well.

Is it firm?
In my experience futon mattresses are very firm- like, no give to them. This mattress is not so firm as a normal futon mattress. It feels more like a regular mattress.

Is the cover removeable for washing?
No. It is like a sofa cushin. Very well made.

Is this futon too heavy for wooden frame futons?
If your frame is built for futons, you shouldn’t have any problem.

How big is the box this is shipped in?
It comes rolledup and vacuum sealed in a tote bag. All you do is unroll it, cut bag open, and put it on your frame. I was amazed that this big mattress was in such a small bag!

Do normal sheets fit on it?
Yes they do, not snug because this mattress isn’t as thick as a traditional mattress but length and width are right for standard sheet sizes.

How hard is it to fold up? I’m an average guy with average strength. Can I do it by myself?
It isn’t that hard to fold up. It is a little heavy but I can move it by myself if I have too. Our futon frame just wasn’t meant for a futon mattress this large so it is sliding down a bit. If you are just having to move it into your apartment or move it around by yourself you can do it but it will want to flop this way and that way. It isn’t like a mattress but you can easily drag it to where you need it. Picking it up completely off the ground by yourself will be hard though.

I intend to sleep on this. Can you feel the coils?
Kinda, but not really…this actually is a great mattress, almost better as that than as a futon.

I’ve been hearing reviews about bad fumes coming from the mattress. Does anyone know how bad these fumes are and if they are hazardous?
The new smell was gone in a day after opening the wrapping. Nothing after that.

Editor's choice 2015
  1. Avatar badakm August 28, 2015 at 12:07 PM
    Does it slip when its in couch mode?
    • Avatar Rick August 28, 2015 at 12:09 PM

      depends on your frame, we suggest the matching frame listed in this review, it comes with 2″ stoppers.

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