Full Sized Metal Futon Frame with Arm Rest

  • Full Sized Futon Frame with Arm Rest
  • Full Sized Futon Frame with Arm Rest
  • Full Sized Futon Frame, Mattress Not Included
  • Full Sized Futon Frame, Mattress Not Included
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Full Sized Metal Futon Frame with Arm Rest

DHP Alessa Futon with Modern Metal Frame, Multifunctional Converts from Sofa to Bed, Full, Black

Light weight easy to move and convert as long as futon mat isn’t too thick of not flexible. Only flaw is that its all hollow and the sides have a single piece of sheet metal (aluminum) that makes a snare drum like sound when maneuvering on it in bed position. For the price and ease of assembly that’s overlook-able.

Comfortable Futon MattressGet the matching 8″ thick futon mattress as well. Premium Futon Mattress: Fullsized, 8-inch coils, Comfortable

In my experience so far with this frame to convert it from bed to couch mode, standing at the head or foot end of the bed you have to lift both sides upwards before trying to rotate anything forward. When you lift the sides up, it is actually more of a “squeezing” movement, as you are trying to change the overall shape from flat up into a V shape. Once you get both sides moving upwards you can feel how the mechanism almost rotates the whole platform forward for you.

This full sized metal futon frame is perfect for your futon mattress. It's made out of metal and comes with stylish arm rests. It converts from sofa to bed.
8.3 Total Score
Very Nice - Excellent, Easy to Follow Directions

This is a great frame for the price. The directions were easy to follow and the product feels very sturdy. With a full size mattress on this, the mattress does sit high at your back when used for sitting - this makes it more comfortable than others I've sat on. It also makes it important to use the "stoppers" - not sure what to call them - that keep the mattress from moving forward on the frame.

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Manufacturer’s Information

DHP’S Alessa Futon Metal Frame will complement any modern room decor. Designed with functionality in mind, the Alessa instantly converts from sofa to full size sleeper. Complete the look with a 6″ premier or 8″ deluxe futon mattress, in a choice of 2 colors – black or tan – for unquestionable style and ultimate comfort. Futon mattress sold separately.

Item Weight 51 pounds
Product Dimensions 29 x 77 x 29.5 inches
Item model number 3228098
Assembled Height 30 inches
Assembled Width 37 inches
Assembled Length 75 inches
Weight 50 Pounds
  • Stylish and modern frame
  • Metal construction
  • Converts from sofa to full size bed
  • Futon Mattress sold separately
  • Weight limit: 600 lbs.
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.


There was no instruction manual included. Can I download the manual?
Here is a link to get the instructions and parts list for the metal futon (DHP Model 3228098)



I finally put this together and put the mattress on it. How do I fold it up like a couch? Do I just lift the back of it? It’s not budging.
You have to lift the back and kind of pull up on the front at the same time. Stand behind what would be the back and try and lift close to end and pull up on front end while lifting back. Mercy, took lots of practice for me. But trust it’s a great futon. YOU CAN DO IT.

How much weight can it hold?
This products weight capacity is up to 600lbs.

Does the frame lean and fall to the floor when You sleep on one edge?
Absolutly not! I’ve sat on the edge and I’ve slept with my arm hanging out. no lean.

Can two moderately heavy people sleep on this frame comfortably and without a lot of squeaking or anything?
I’m 6 ft 1 and 240 and my girl is 5 ft 10 185 and the frame hasn’t given any trouble. It’s a good buy.

Can I use a Twin Size mattress with this? I know there will be ‘blank’ space, but could it fold properly on it?
The mattress wouldn’t be flexible enough for a mattress at least for putting it in the seated position. The mattress should be a futon mattress for your best use of the frame.

Does this come with the tools to put it together?
Yes, comes with a hex key. You don’t need much more except an extra pair of hands. Had no trouble at all , and no parts were missing.

Does this lay 100% flat? or does it slope slightly in the middle?
Yes it does lay flat we have used it several times and no peaking in the middle.

Is it possible to get replacement to the parts??? In this case I need the futtons holders…I am missing them on mine.
You can order replacement parts from the website. (DHP Model 3228098) http://www.atgstores.com/futons/dhp-3228098-alessa-metal-futon-frame_g1578184.html

Does the frame have mattress holders on the leading edge that keep rigid mattresses from slipping off the frame?
Yes there are holders. Approximately 2″ high.

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Full Sized Metal Futon Frame with Arm Rest

DHP Alessa Futon with Modern Metal Frame, Multifunctional Converts from Sofa to Bed, Full, Black

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