10 Reasons Your Boyfriend is Flirting With Your Best Friend

You can’t go out with your boyfriend and best friend at the same time anymore because your boyfriend is flirting with your best friend constantly. You find it odd that your boyfriend is always asking about your best friend when she isn’t there, and you even confronted him about it and he calls you crazy. Well there’s good and bad news, your boyfriend is probably flirting with your best friend, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to mean it’s the end of your relationship.

These are some reasons to why he could be flirting with your best friend

1. He likes the attention

It could be possible that you’ve been dating for a while, and he is feeling neglected. By flirting with someone, he feels alive again.

2. He wants a threesome

It’s known that men think that their girlfriends who do everything with their best friend would probably also like to experience their lovers together. Either you are with it, or not.

3. She is flirting with him and he doesn’t know what to do

He could just be being nice to her, perhaps she is initiating the flirts. Next time take notice to who starts the flirting.

4. He wants to make you jealous

He might flirt with your best friend to make you jealous to compensate for his insecurities. Maybe you had one of his friends flirt with you in front of him and he didn’t know what to do.

5. She is more fun

She could just be more fun, and you suck at the flirting talk with him.

6. He is interested in dating her

If he met you and her at the same time, maybe he is trying to date her, but instead you guys hooked up first and now he is trying to test to see if she is interested in him.

7. You don’t flirt with him

Why don’t you flirt with your boyfriend. You should even after you guys date. It keeps the relationship healthy. Send some naughty texts or something already! For more tips on how to flirt, check out this video:

8. He actually isn’t flirting with her

Maybe he actually isn’t flirting and he is just being nice?

9. He doesn’t think it’s a problem

It’s all fun and games anyways? He is secure in the relationship and he probably doesn’t think or even want to do anything with your best friend. He just wants to keep it light.

10. They already hooked up!

Yes, its possible they could have hooked up in the past and cant hide it!

Well whatever the reasons are, make sure you communicate how you feel. But whatever you do, don’t flirt with his best friend.

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